How to create Microsoft Teams meeting notes

Microsoft Teams has a sophisticated closed-captioning system and it also a transcript feature that works if you have Microsoft Voice enabled for a team. Between two features, you don’t necessarily need to manually record what is said in a meeting however, a transcript isn’t the same as notes. Microsoft Teams meeting notes Meeting notes are […]

How to use the Nano text editor on Linux

There are many different text editors on Linux, and the community is quite passionate about this subject. However, one text editor stands out from the rest as the easiest to use, especially for beginners. That text editor is Nano. Nano comes pre-installed on quite a few Linux systems, and for a good reason. It has […]

How to install JetBrains Rider on Linux

JetBrains Rider is a complex, cross-platform Microsoft .NET IDE (Integrated development environment.) It is supported well on Linux and works on everything from Arch Linux to Ubuntu via Snap, Flatpak, as well as all other Linux operating systems via a downloadable TarGZ file. In this guide, we’ll show you how to download and install JetBrains […]

How to Fix a Printer in Error State on Windows 10

Printer problems are often hard to fix. A printer may be fine hardware-wise i.e. no page jams, correctly set up, toner ready, cartridges full etc, but it may still refuse to print. Printing problems are mostly caused by software or OS-related issues. This is because, while technology has improved over the years, printer technology hasn’t […]

How to Fix Hulu Error 94 on Any Device

Hulu has numerous fans in the United States when it comes to streaming media content. Unfortunately, it’s prone to errors like other similar services, such as Netflix or HBO Max. For example, many users have complained about error 94. Hulu error 94 occurs when trying to log to in the streaming service. It can happen […]

How to install JetBrains RubyMine on Linux

JetBrains RubyMine is an IDE Integrated development environment) for the Ruby programming language. It is a cross-platform application that works on Mac OS, Windows as well as Linux. In this guide, we’ll show you how to install RubyMine on Linux. Note: JetBrains RubyMine is not a free application. Once the program is installed, you’re allowed […]

How to Fix We Couldn’t Complete The Updates (Undoing Changes Made to Your Computer)

Microsoft regularly pushes Windows updates to deliver new features, improvements, hotfixes, and security patches. Unfortunately, Windows Update doesn’t always work as expected. Instead, it sometimes shows the We couldn’t complete the updates, undoing changes made to your computer error message. It means that Windows 10 isn’t capable of updating itself, rolling back all changes made […]

Why Do You Need A VPN For Torrenting?

Every internet enthusiast is familiar with torrenting, which is a peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing medium. Instead of sharing files through a central server, they’re shared through torrent networks. Although torrenting has always been a topic of debate due to myriad instances of copyright violations and piracy, its popularity is still increasing. It’s important to understand that […]

How Dangerous Is Torrenting Without VPN?

If you’re reading this article, there are probably two possible scenarios: either you’re quite new to torrenting and curious about it, or, you’ve been torrenting for a while and are curious what would happen if you stopped torrenting with a VPN. Torrenting has a bad reputation since its use has been linked with piracy of […]