How to find the Microsoft Teams recording location

Microsoft Teams has a built-in recording feature for recording audio or video calls. The feature is available regardless of the type of meeting you’re having.  The recording, once the meeting is complete or once it’s been stopped, is shared over the channel the meeting was held in. This recording can then be downloaded by everyone […]

How to Enable Camera on Omegle

What is Omegle? Omegle is a free online service that allows users to chat anonymously to others, with no need to register or verify your identity. Available on web based and via phone applications, it has become a very popular means of people from all the world chatting with others. The tagline “Talk to Strangers” […]

Best RAM For Ryzen CPUs (Buying Guide) in 2021

Finding the best RAM for Ryzen CPUs may not be easy if you don’t know what to look for, but fortunately we have you covered. While Ryzen CPUs are notoriously more dependent on having great RAM than Intel CPUs, ensuring that you have great RAM with your Ryzen CPU will enable the industry-leading multi-core performance […]

Best Budget Gaming CPU (Reviews) in 2021

It’s 2021 and you’re trying to find the best budget gaming CPU for your needs. Trouble is, the market’s a bit sideways right now and chances are it’s not going to improve any time soon. So in the meantime, what are the best budget gaming CPUs that you can get for your hard-earned money right […]

How To Screenshot on PC (Windows 10)

We don’t really have any statistics to prove this, but we can only assume that most PC users need to take screenshots on their Windows 10 every now and then. Whether you want to show something funny happening on your PC to a friend, remember an important piece of information, or even create image tutorials […]

How to Open Game Bar (Windows 10)

Windows 10 is a self-sufficient OS, offering plenty of native tools for a wide range of users, including gamers. One way it caters to gamers is through the use of the Xbox Game Bar. Today we’re here to explain what game bar is, and how to open game bar on Windows 10. Read on to […]

How to FIX Steam Not Opening (18 Possible Solutions)

Steam is the most popular gaming platform in the world. It provides access to countless free and paid games, giving users the possibility to play everything in a user-friendly interface. Unfortunately, Steam won’t open every time you try to launch it, preventing you from getting back to your favorite games. It’s an annoying issue that […]

What Does CTFU Mean and When to Use It?

Thanks to technology and the Internet, texting has become our main means of communication, with abbreviations, slang, and emojis taking center stage. Of course, there is a time and place where abbreviations and jargon are permitted, and we will show you exactly how you can use it efficiently, starting off with CTFU. What does CTFU […]

How to fix Microsoft Teams stuck on loading

When you launch Microsoft Teams, you see a brief splash/start-up screen that says ‘Loading Microsoft Teams’ at the bottom left. It appears for a few seconds before you either see the Sign In screen, or you’re taken to the Microsoft Teams interface if you’re already signed in. The loading screen may remain on the screen […]

How to Access Steam Workshop, What It Is

Steam is one of the biggest game-oriented digital distribution platforms in the world, with tens of millions of daily accesses. It offers gamers the perfect place to get the latest games, and it also helps gaming developers publish their titles and gain recognition. However, there are other sides to Steam that many users aren’t aware […]

55 Best Mac OS X Apps Of 2021

2013 was a good year for Apple’s desktop operating system and its users. With the release of its 9th major iteration in October, OS X became free to download for all. Although 10.9 Mavericks wasn’t a game-changing upgrade in terms of new features, the Cupertino giant’s decision to make it free propelled its market share […]