How to make and submit a Snapchat geofilter

Snapchat is a hugely popular app for iOS and Android that allows users to send and receive photos, videos and text messages that expire after being viewed only once. Over the years, Snapchat has added various new features to keep the service fresh and interesting for users, including the now famous Snapchat lenses that apply […]

How to get a fake girlfriend (or boyfriend) online

We can all admit that being single at a family party can become annoying, especially with older relatives constantly asking about your love life. While many people just explain that they’re currently single, there is another option available for those that are too embarrassed – employ a fake girlfriend (or boyfriend) that’ll text you, leave […]

How to limit what others see on Facebook

Privacy is a hot topic and is something we’re all aware of, but unfortunately it’s often out of our own hands when we’re on social media platforms. Thankfully, there’s some level control you can have on Facebook, and despite Facebook’s somewhat shady stance on privacy and the sharing of your personal information, you can at […]

How to send money on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has added the option to send money to your friends through Messenger – for free. Here’s how to send money on Facebook Messenger. Also see: 15 best Facebook Messenger tips and tricks. Note that this feature is active only in the US for now, and requires the registration of a US debit card (credit […]

How to get emoji on Android

If the old adage that a picture says a thousand words hold true, then getting emoji on your smartphone should not only save you time, but also a fair chunk of your tariff’s text allowance. In this feature we’ll show you how to check if your device already has them, and what to do if […]

How to use Prisma

One of the hottest apps on Android and iOS at the moment is the photo editing marvel Prisma. Unlike the filters found on Instagram or Snapchat, Prisma offers a far more artistic flourish thanks to its colourful and painting-like effects. We’ll take you through the basic features so that you can share your images in no time at […]

How to use Twitter stickers

Twitter has added an option to plaster your photos with virtual stickers when you attach them to a tweet. Here’s how to use stickers on Twitter. See also: How to get your Twitter account verified. Stickers are only available in the iOS and Android apps currently, but we hope the option will be added to […]

Best Spotify tips and tricks

Spotify is a great way to listen to pretty much any music for a low monthly cost. Of course there are plenty of rivals with similar features – just check out our ‘What is the best music streaming service?’ review to see what’s on offer – but Spotify has become the one by which others […]

How to use Instagram Stories

Facebook-owned Instagram came from humble beginnings before becoming the social media/photography powerhouse that it is today, and has recently undergone a number of changes including a refreshed UI and logo, and most recently, the introduction of Instagram Stories. But wait, isn’t that similar to Snapchat Stories? Here we explain what Instagram Stories is, as well […]

How to use Google Duo

Google has recently released its new video calling app Duo, which takes on the likes of Facetime, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and a host of others. So what does Duo bring to the table, and how easy is it to use? We’ll take you through the various features of the app and have you communicating […]

How to use Google Allo

Google has released its newest messaging app, Allo. But with offerings like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, not to mention Google’s own Hangouts, already crowding the chat arena, what does Allo bring to the table? We’ll explain how use Google Allo, and show you some of the impressive features that could make Allo your next must-have […]

How to use Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the new kid on the block for chat-based workspace. The new tool in Office 365 Business and Enterprise allows users to chat, share files and collaborate together in a proficient manner. Here’s how to use Microsoft Teams. Also see: Microsoft Teams vs Slack | What is Microsoft Teams? How to use Microsoft Teams: How to […]

How to use Skype on a Chromebook

Chromebooks are great, inexpensive devices that can be used for a wide variety of PC related tasks. From the basics of email and web browsing, up to photo editing and gaming, you’ll find plenty of apps that can make these versatile machines incredibly useful. As pretty much every Chromebook comes equipped with a built-in webcam […]

Are Facebook Reactions coming to Messenger?

Fearing that a Dislike button would breed too much negativity on the social network, Facebook last year implemented Reactions that allow you to show empathy, displeasure or other emotions on a Facebook post. Now those Reactions could be coming to Messenger too. Also see: How to use Facebook Reactions and Best Facebook tips and tricks.  In February […]

How to add friends on Nintendo Switch

There are a few different ways to add someone as a friend on the Nintendo Switch, ranging from the notoriously fiddly 12-digit Friend Codes to simply adding people sharing your Wi-Fi network – with more methods on the way too. Still, the Switch’s minimalist UI doesn’t always make it obvious how to go about adding […]

How to use Facebook Reactions

A year ago we reported that Facebook had rolled out its Reactions feature, which lets you use buttons for Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry for when a Like just doesn’t cut it. Now that feature is coming to Messenger, too, and rolling out on iOS right now. You can add emoji to a message simply by […]

How to use Facebook Stories

Stories is the new, but not so innovative feature from Facebook. It allows users to post images or 20 second long videos to their timeline. These images and videos are available to view for up to 24 hours, much like the way Snapchat and Instagram have been using.  We show you how to use Facebook’s […]

How to find people on Facebook

Facebook has been hard at work introducing new features such as Stories and Reactions, but one of the most basic needs on the platform is an easy way to find people. Thankfully there are several methods that can be employed in your search for erstwhile companions, many of which are right at your fingertips. How […]

How to use Twitter

Twitter is an amazing public resource, and has grown from a niche micro-blogging website into a valued communication tool that is often the worldwide source for breaking news. Anyone can set up and use Twitter, and sometimes it seems like everyone already has. The basic premise of only having 140 characters with which to say […]

How to use Facebook Messenger Lite to save data

Facebook Messenger is an ever-evolving app that keep getting new features all the time. For some, this is a positive, but to others the bloated nature of the app makes it cumbersome and potentially more data-hungry than they’d like. Android phone users now have another choice, in the shape of Facebook Messenger Lite, a stripped-down version […]

How to make a Facebook poll

Facebook is the latest social media platform to introduce polling into its feed. Though users could simply post a Facebook status, tweet or Instagram story asking a question that their followers could reply to, polling is an easier means to discovering what their followers prefer. Twitter and Instagram paved the way with the introduction of polling […]

How to use Snapchat World Lenses

Snapchat has introduced some cool augmented reality options. So, if animal faces were beginning to feel a little old hat, now you can spice up your photos and videos with rainbows, clouds, and a range of other animations that are set to change on a regular basis. Will be enough to pull out a lead […]

How to face swap in Snapchat

Face Swap is the Snapchat phenomenon that is both disturbing and fascinating at the same time. Even if you keep your results to yourself, it’s one experiment you have really got to try – if only for the giggles. Also see: Snapchat phone rumours and Snapchat Spectacles review. First things first, if you’re completely new to Snapchat our complete guide […]

How to change your Snapchat username

Have you been regretting the username you picked when you first joined Snapchat ? The app quickly became popular after its launch in 2011, and many people signed up without knowing what to expect, using funny or embarrassing usernames. If you’ve been trying to find a way to change your username in the app, but […]

Best WhatsApp tips

Delete sent WhatsApp messages Best Prices Today: Last year WhatsApp introduced the ability to delete sent messages before they have been read, provided that it was within a seven-minute time frame. To do so you simply select the message, tap the bin icon, and choose ‘Delete for everyone’. Now there are rumours it’s extending this […]

How to Secure Facebook

We’ve outlined some of the most popular scams and hoaxes on Facebook, but sadly not all threats are quite so harmless. If you’re going to share intimate details of your life on Facebook, it’s important to consider who can see what you’re posting. Follow our tips to below to make sure your Facebook account is secure […]

How to Stop Facebook Apps Using Your Data

You might be desperate to know which Disney Princess you are, or what you’d look like as the opposite sex, but every time you authorise a third-party app to connect to your Facebook account you’re allowing it access to your personal data. And as you have probably noticed in the news of late, there’s a bit […]

How to avoid common Snapchat scams

Thanks to Snapchat’s popularity there are quite a few scams to which you can easily fall prey. However, if you keep your wits about you and use the information below to know what to look out for, you’ll be able to keep your account, and your snaps, safe. Snapchat chain hoaxes The most recent is […]

How to block people on Facebook

Social media can be a great way to interact and exchange ideas with people from all around the world. Sadly, it can also be a place where undesirable commenters bombard you with unhelpful, and often unpleasant, content or remarks. There’s no need to delete your account for those reasons, as Facebook includes a feature that […]

How to block someone on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to connect with people, keep up on the latest news, and argue directly with high ranking political figures. But, it can be a vitriolic place at times, especially when things turn personal. We show you how to keep the flame-wars at bay, by blocking people on Twitter. If you’re worried about […]

How to block people on Snapchat

Snapchat can be a great way to share your adventures with friends and family, but every now and again some people overstep the line and spoil the party for everyone. If that’s the case then the best thing to do is block them so that nothing they say can appear in your stream. We show […]

How to Live Stream on Twitter

While most people associate Twitter with short status updates, hashtags, or the inane ramblings of certain US Presidents, the company also lets you broadcast your thoughts, surroundings and highly questionable environmental policies to the world, all from your iPhone or Android smartphone without typing a word. We explain how to use Twitter live video. What is Twitter live […]

How to Secure WhatsApp with Two-Step Verification

Keeping your communication apps secure is an increasingly difficult task these days, thanks mainly to the various scams and hacks that have been taking place. One strong defence against identity thieves is adding two-factor authentication which requires your phone and a security code. Google, Apple, Twitter, Paypal, Yahoo and others already offer this service and […]

How to download Facebook videos

Facebook is a useful backup medium for our precious photos and videos, but only if we know how to retrieve them from the social network. And what if we want to download videos posted by others? Here’s how to download Facebook videos. Also see: How to upload a video to Facebook.  How to download Facebook videos There […]

How to block people on WhatsApp

Since its initial release back in 2009, WhatsApp has gone on to become one of the most popular ways for people to keep in touch. The app now has over 1 billion users, spread across 180 countries, and proved tempting enough for Facebook to pay the best part of $20billion to buy it in 2014. […]

How to move WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

If you’re moving between an iPhone and Android smartphone then you’ll probably want to bring all of your conversations, photos and videos from WhatsApp as well. While both operating systems offer the facility to backup your chats from within the app, there’s no easy way of transferring these easily between iOS and Android. For this you’re going […]

How to block someone in Gmail

If you’re receiving unwanted emails from one person in particular or have somehow been signed up to a newsletter that holds no interest, you’ll want to put a stop to these deliveries. Gmail has a feature that allows you to block certain senders, and it’s very simple to get the filter set up. Here’s how to […]

How to delete all Gmail messages

It doesn’t take long for your inbox to fill up with huge amounts of email, so much so that it can become hard to find things, or even use up your storage capacity. Gmail has a few different ways to quickly delete whole inboxes, or select content by labels or a specific person. We show you […]

How to Change your Facebook Password

Only last week Facebook was in the news after it took steps to secure the 50 million affected accounts following a data breach. If your account was affected you will have been automatically logged out of the service and required to log in again. Now with a new week comes a new scam, except this […]

How to Remove Ads on YouTube

The amount of quality content you can enjoy on YouTube for free is pretty astounding. Of course nothing is ever truly without some cost, and usually this takes the form of adverts. Most of these can be skipped after five seconds, which is a small price to pay for the content you receive, but increasingly […]

How to change an Instagram username

The name you originally chose for your Instagram account might have made total sense at the time. But, as the world turns things change, and you could find yourself feeling that 1DirectionHotness or Blue&BlackNotWhite&Gold isn’t quite the way you want people to see you now. The answer is simple: change your username and free yourself […]

How to delete Instagram

Instagram’s popularity has exploded over the past few years, but if it’s all getting too much or you’re trying to be that little bit more privacy conscious, then deleting or disabling your Instagram account for a while might be on your mind. We’re going to show you how to do just that, so read on! […]

How to Upload Video to Instagram from PC

While Instagram is primarily a smartphone platform, you can still make contributions to your feed from the comfort of your PC. We show you the software you need, and how to use it, so you can upload video to Instagram from your laptop or desktop computer. What you’ll need The official Instagram site doesn’t allow […]

How to block people on Instagram

There’s little doubt that Instagram is a great place to keep up with the photographic exploits of friends and family, as well as following celebrities and significant figures who share their lives on the social media platform. Unfortunately, it’s also possible to run into some unpleasant people who leave nasty comments on your posts or […]

How to change password on Instagram

With all the reported hacking and general security breaches that occur online, it’s a good idea to change your passwords regularly. Instagram is a prime target, with its access to many of your friends around the world, so here’s how to update your security details. It’ll take you less than two minutes. Open up the app […]

How to enable YouTube Dark Mode

Google has updated the YouTube mobile apps to include a new Dark Mode, just as you’ll find on the desktop versions. We show you how to save your eyes by going over to the dark side. What is YouTube Dark Mode? As the name suggests, Dark Mode turns the traditionally white backgrounds in YouTube to black. […]