How to unmount hard drives on Ubuntu

If you need to unmount a hard drive in Ubuntu, the fastest and easiest way to do it is with Gnome Disks. Gnome Disks is a disk management tool. With it, users can manage hard drives, USB devices, and everything else storage-related.  To start using Gnome Disks in Ubuntu, open it by searching for it […]

How to play Just Cause 3 on Linux

Just Cause 3 is a 2015 action-adventure game developed by Avalance Studios and published by Square Enix. In this game, the player controls Rico Rodriguez as he returns to his homeland of Medici. Here’s how to play it on Linux. Just Cause 3 on Linux Just Cause 3 works reasonably well on Linux. However, the […]

Top 8 REALLY Free VPNs for Europe in [year]

You want to access censored and geo-restricted content in Europe, but you don’t want to pay a fortune for a premium VPN. I understand, and that’s why I put together a list of the top free VPNs for Europe. No “free VPN” is ever really 100% free. Most limit your bandwidth and data. Some have […]

3 Best VPN Apps to Fix Gaming Lags in [year]

There’s nothing more frustrating than high ping and latency affecting your gameplay. If you want to fix gaming lag, you need to use a VPN. However, not just any VPN will work. Reducing latency requires speed so you need to look for a fast VPN with a worldwide network. Here’s our rundown of the best […]

ExpressVPN Lifetime Subscription — Can You Get It in [year]?

When you’re looking to invest in a VPN, lifetime subscriptions seem like a fantastic deal. Imagine getting decades of VPN protection for a heavily discounted, one-time fee. Unfortunately, lifetime subscriptions are packed with problems. They rarely provide any real value, and the VPN often goes bankrupt before the ‘lifetime’ term is up. You’ll rarely see […]

Join a meeting from a link

Google Meet has been around for years, and long before a great deal of people found themselves going online during the pandemic. One of Google Meet’s major strengths is that most people already have it. You can use it with a Google account (or without one), and it’s free.  Google Meet doesn’t have many of […]