How to restart the Ubuntu network interface

If you’re using Ubuntu, you may need to know how to restart your network interface. Thankfully, Ubuntu makes it very easy to restart the network interface. In this guide, we’ll go over various ways you can restart the Ubuntu network interface. Restart network interface – Ubuntu Gnome If you’re using Ubuntu Gnome, you’re on the […]

How to Activate All CPU Cores (Windows 10)

A modern-day CPU is capable of handling multiple tasks at once. This is made possible by the considerable advancement that’s been made in CPU technology. Specifically, modern CPUs have multiple cores, and they’re able to create and run multiple virtual cores. A core allows multiple processes to run. The more cores a CPU has, the […]

(FIXED) Spotify Error Code 18 on Windows 10

Spotify is available for Windows 10 as a desktop app and as a UWP app in the Microsoft Store. The UWP version of the app works as well as the desktop version but many users still favor the desktop version. The desktop version of Spotify is still actively maintained so there is little reason for […]

Here’s How to Access Files on iPhone

If you want to browse iPhone photos on a Mac, you will need to import them to your photo library. This will take considerable time and if you’d like to copy a photo from the Photo Library to a different folder, the process is going to get more complicated. In stark contrast to this, you […]

How to Open My Clipboard History?

Windows 10 has a built-in clipboard manager. This is a somewhat recent feature that was added to extend the capabilities of the clipboard on Windows 10.  Windows users have long used clipboard managers to hold more than one item in the clipboard. With third-party tools, there is always the danger that sensitive data may leak […]