Month: October 2021

How to run CHKDSK on Windows 10/11

Hard disks can run into problems. Physical damage to a hard disk is often irreparable but a disk can have software problems and they can be fixed. You may have to use a myriad of tools to fix them, depending on the problem but before you can fix a problem, you will need to diagnose […]

How to make green dye in Minecraft

Building is a huge part of Minecraft. You may like exploring mineshafts, or looking for shipwrecks, or you might just be trying to get to The End to kill a dragon but building will always be a part of what you do. Many people play Minecraft exclusively to build things and Minecraft offers them different […]

How to breed horses in Minecraft

Horses are one of many neutral or passive mobs in Minecraft. Much like other mobs of this type can be used to collect resources or provide food to a player, horses serve their own unique purpose if a player is able to tame them. Once tamed, a horse can be ridden, and you can give […]

How to play The Witness on Linux

The Witness is a 2016 puzzle-exploration game developed and published by Thekla Inc. In the game, the player explores an open island and solves puzzles hidden in the environment. Here’s how to play it on your Linux computer. Getting The Witness working on Linux The Witness is an excellent game, but unfortunately, it doesn’t work […]

How to play Spelunky on Linux

Spelunky is a 2D platformer game for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Chrome OS, and Nintendo Switch. Here’s how you can play Spelunky on your Linux computer. Getting Spelunky working on Linux Spelunky is not a native Linux game, but it still works thanks to Steam in Proton. Unfortunately, the Proton feature only works on Linux […]

How to install LosslessCut on Linux

Are you in need of a good video editor on Linux that can handle lossless footage? Check out Lossless Cut. It is a light non-linear editor for Linux and can take your footage without any quality loss. Here’s how to install it on Linux. AppImage installation instructions A great way to install the Lossless Cut […]

How to make terracotta in Minecraft

Minecraft has a wide range of building blocks that you can use to construct a base. They can be simple stone blocks or they can be concrete blocks that can be dyed to give structures a more aesthetic look. Concrete isn’t the only block that you can dye and use in construction. There is also […]

How to close open windows on iPhone 11

Mobile operating systems were developed after desktop computers became mainstream. By then, most users had learned certain concepts e.g., opening and closing apps that are common on a desktop OS. These same actions don’t necessarily translate the same way on a mobile OS. Close open windows on iPhone 11 On mobile operating systems, apps run […]

How to make paper in Minecraft

Paper is an incredibly important, multi-purpose item in Minecraft. It’s used to craft books which are essential for crafting an enchantment table. You can enchant books and when used in a crafting table, they allow users to apply different types of enchantments to objects. In addition to books, paper is also used to craft maps, […]