Month: November 2021

How to play Dead Cells on Linux

Dead Cells is a roguelike video game inspired by Metroid and Castlevania. It was developed and published by Motion Twin. Here’s how you can play Dead Cells on your Linux PC. Getting Dead Cells working on Linux Dead Cells is a native Linux video game. That said, it can only be played on your Linux […]

How to tame a parrot in Minecraft

Parrots are a rare mob found in jungle biomes in Minecraft. When killed, they drop feathers but have no other utility outside the item they drop. Considering how rare a parrot is, hunting it for feathers isn’t a good idea when chickens are more common and easier to kill. Parrots can be tamed though and […]

How to open TSV files on Windows 10

We’re all familiar with CSV files i.e., Comma Separated Values. It’s a type of file format which imports and opens easily in most common spreadsheet apps. The values that appear to be separated by commas are separated into columns and rows. TSV files are similar but far less commonly supports. TSV files on Windows TSV […]

How to compress an MOV file

MOV files are commonly found on macOS. If you record a screencast on macOS, it’s saved as an MOV file. The format isn’t exclusive to macOS and you can record or create MOV videos on Windows 10 too. Regardless, these files tend to be large, especially compared to MP4 files. To reduce the size of […]

How to install Aseprite on Linux

Aseprite is a pixel-art program that users can use to create 2D animations for video games. It is paid software, and users can purchase the product via the official website. However, the source code is also available for free. Here’s how to install Aseprite on Linux. Steam If you’re OK with paying 19$, Aseprite is […]

How to transfer MP3 files to iPhone

Adding music from outside iTunes or Apple Music to an iPhone is a tedious, confusing process. For people coming to an iPhone from an Android device, the fact that an iPhone’s internal storage cannot be accessed the same way as an Android device’s internal storage can basically forces them to relearn how to put files/data […]

How to disable or block automatic Windows Update

Windows 10 automatically downloads updates and it installs them automatically too. This ‘feature’ isn’t popular with users. The installation normally restarts the system when users don’t expect it to. This results in interrupted workflows or lost work. Disable or block automatic updates on Windows 10 Windows 10 users who are tired of the updates installing […]

How to reset or refresh Firefox

Browsers can be customized; you can change the way they look by installing themes and you can add or extend features by installing add-ons. Firefox is no different. In fact, Firefox offers users access to more customization options than most other browsers. Reset or refresh Firefox Browsers are often the target of malware. Malicious apps […]

How to write upside down letters

The internet doesn’t follow a format; there is no convention for which font to use, the size of headings, or how many headings should be present on a website. Most websites will follow a coherent design but each website is different from the other. With forums and chat groups/apps, coherent writing more or less goes […]

How to find the Minecraft version

Minecraft gets periodic updates, some big, some small. The larger updates add new mobs, structures, and blocks to the game while the smaller ones tend to be patches, fixes, and slight modifications to existing blocks. Most games encourage users to always keep them up to date but with Minecraft, the version number decides which online […]

How to reset password in Minecraft

Minecraft comes in two versions; the Java version and the Bedrock version. The bedrock version is available via the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. You don’t need to sign in to use this version and when you do sign in, your Microsoft account. With the Java version, you have to use your Minecraft account. Minecraft […]

How to put an iPad in Kiosk mode

iPads may have started out as consumer devices but they’ve become incredibly powerful since the first iPad was released. They are excellent tools for drawing and lower end models tend to end up replacing POS stations in many places. To make all this easier, the iPad has a kiosk mode which basically allows the iPad […]

How to play 911 Operator on Linux

911 Operator puts the player in the role of a 911 dispatcher for emergency lines and services. It is a fun and challenging video game. It was developed by Jutsu Games and published by Games Operators. Here’s how you can play 911 Operator on Linux. How to get 911 Operator working on Linux 911 Operator […]

How to reset Face ID on iPhone

iPhones that support Face ID will ask you to set it up when you first set up your phone. You can always set it up later if you want. Face ID, once set, can always be reset. You can remove Face ID or set it up again if you’ve made changes to your appearance. Reset […]

Face ID not working after screen replacement

Apple’s devices are expensive. Their warranty is expensive, and their repairs are expensive. Over the years, iPhone have become less and less ‘fixable’. iFixit has consistently been scoring the device low on fixability and Apple really doesn’t care to fix the problem. Apple prefers to repair its own devices and it will try and penalize […]

Why do apps close suddenly on iOS 15

iOS and apps on iOS work seamlessly. It’s rare for iPhone or iPad owners to upgrade the OS on their device and discover that their favorite apps are no longe working because of an OS upgrade. Apple releases the beta version of iOS well in advance of the actual stable release, and it always lets […]

How to make charcoal in Minecraft

Smelting is an important crafting process in Minecraft. It’s used to create dyes, cook food, make glass, and extract important ores like iron. At the heart of the smelting process is the furnace (or the blast furnace) and there is fuel. Fuel is what powers the smelting process i.e., get the fire going and coal […]

How to make stone bricks in Minecraft

Minecraft is an open world where you can build whatever you want. A lot of it is imagination but you have lots of different block types at your disposal to build a castle, a windmill, a fort, homes, cities, etc. Blocks, and using a variety of them, adds detail and it makes you builds look […]

How to make a composter in Minecraft

Minecraft has lots of different items, some common, some less so, and some extremely rare. The rare items are things users will squirrel away until they really, really need them. As for the more common items, you can keep them in chests in case you need them but you can also make use of a […]

How to boot Windows 11 in safe mode

Windows 11 is new, and as time goes on, it will run into the usual problems that plague a Windows’ system. Problems with drivers, overclocking software, networking tools, and the myriad of other tools and apps that Windows’ users install will eventually lead to some sort of system instability. One of the many ways to […]

How to fix iOS 15.0.2 not updating

iOS updates are available OTA i.e., you can download an update on your device, and install it, without connecting the device to a computer. You can also download an update to your computer first, and then install it on your iPhone or iPad. The second method, the tethered update method, requires iTunes on Windows and […]

How to uninstall Windows 11

You tried Windows 11. You did not like Windows 11 and you’d like to go back to Windows 10. As far as a license is concerned, if you had a genuine Windows 10 license when upgraded to Windows 11, you can always go back. To downgrade the OS, it depends on how long you’ve been […]

How to fix Youtube lagging on Windows 11

YouTube videos are generally available in different streaming qualities. Videos can be played in resolution as low as 240 resolution. Normally, you won’t play in a video in that low a resolution unless your internet connection is exceptionally slow. YouTube auto-selects a lower resolution so that videos play smoothly even if the internet is slow. […]

How to get the Windows 11 ISO

There are two ways to install Windows 11; you can install it via Windows Update, or you can create installation media. Neither method is difficult. With Windows Update, you have to wait for Windows 11 to be rolled out to your system. If your system doesn’t have a whitelisted CPU, Windows Update won’t allow you […]

Where is the taskbar in Windows 11

Windows 11 doesn’t have an overwhelming number of new features and there are only a few that users may want to update for. This is despite the fact that Windows 11 is a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. One major, and very obvious difference between Windows 11 and Windows 10 is the design.  Windows […]

How to fix charging problems with iOS 15

iOS 15 released last month. Like most iOS updates, users have installed the update en masse. For most users, the update has gone smooth but some users are having troubles charging their devices. This bug is plaguing both iOS users i.e., iPhone users, and iPadOS users i.e., iPad users.  Charging problems with iOS 15 The […]