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Ghana Life: Do Visitors Need More Than English?

Ghana, in common with most other countries that were once British colonies, adopted English as its official language on gaining independence in 1957. This avoided having to decide which of the more than sixty vernaculars should be so designated. However, the vernaculars are fit and well and spoken in most homes, informal workplaces, markets and […]

How to Infuse Energy Into Your English Language Class

Well-motivated students learn better. This fact has been well-established for years and has compelled educators to develop different motivational techniques to improve learning outcomes in classrooms. If this is the case in a typical classroom dynamic, it is the same or even more so in the teaching of English as a second or foreign language. […]

How to Teach Business English

Teaching Business English – some survival tips! English is THE international language, not just general terms, but also in business. People travelling the world on business, or welcoming overseas business clients to their own country will usually use English as the medium of communication and to get business done. For Chinese people in business, learning […]

Languages of the World

Thanks to globalization, we live in an interconnected world. It is easier than ever to reach across cultural and geographic boundaries and connect with people who speak other languages. There are thousands of different languages of the world. However, most languages have fewer than one million speakers. Of languages with over a million speakers, most […]

What Is the Hardest Language to Learn

There are several thousand languages spoken in the world today. With globalization, many people know a second or third language. But the most commonly learned languages, Spanish and French, are very similar to English. What if you want to kick it up a notch? What is the hardest language to learn? Factors in Language Learning […]

Visual Evolution of Writing Systems Towards Latin Alphabet – A Hypothesis

1 The writing represents speech notion Speech and writing originated independently of each other. Human speech probably appeared long time before writing. Earliest writings developed from drawings. They were of visual origin, as pictographs, ideograms. As time went by, writings were spatially arranged sequentially in lines, corresponding to the sequential property of speech in time […]