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The best gaming VPNs [year] ([month])

Discover which VPNs can improve your gaming experience Although VPNs have largely grown in prominence thanks to their promise of better security and a greater range of content to stream, more and more people are now using VPNs for gaming, too. There are many reasons why. Perhaps you want to access a game or expansion […]

How to play House Flipper on Linux

House Flipper is a unique game that allows the player to renovate homes. The game was developed by Empyrean and published by Frozen District and PlayWay SA. Here’s how to get it working on Linux. Getting House Flipper working on Linux House Flipper natively supports both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS and not Linux. However, […]

How to play The Riftbreaker on Linux

The Riftbreaker is a base-building survival video game with RPG elements. It was developed by EXOR Studios and published by Surefire Games. Here’s how you can play The Riftbreaker on Linux. Getting The Riftbreaker working on Linux The Riftbreaker isn’t native to Linux, but you can play it on Linux if you configure it correctly. […]

How to run Mac OS Monterey on Ubuntu

Did you know you can run the latest Mac OS right on Ubuntu Linux? It’s true. Thanks to the fantastic Quickemu virtualization tool, anyone can quickly get a Mac OS Monterey VM going. Here’s how to do it on your Ubuntu system. Note: emulating MacOS Monterey on Ubuntu can be iffy. Use this virtual machine […]

What is the best VPN protocol?

WireGuard, obviously. Or Lightway. NordLynx? No, OpenVPN… Browse most VPN provider websites and you’ll find boasts about supporting this VPN protocol or that. Which should you use, though? They don’t have so much to say about that. One reason is there’s no one-protocol-fits-all solution which is the best choice in every given situation. Your ideal […]

How to install Calligra Words on Linux

Calligra Words is a wordprocessor from the KDE project. It allows for frame-based editing, document embedding, user interface customization, and other excellent features. Here’s how to set up Calligra Words on your Linux system. Ubuntu installation instructions Since Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Calligra Words has been available for users to install. So, if you’re an Ubuntu […]

How to play Project CARS 2 on Linux

Project CARS 2 is a racing video game developed and published by Slightly Mad Studios for Windows and other platforms. The game was never released for Linux, but it is possible to play on the platform thanks to some tweaking. Here’s how to do it. Getting Project CARS 2 working on Linux Project CARS 2 […]

What languages are available in Minecraft?

Minecraft is popular all over the world with players in every age range. You’ll find players and servers are available in multiple countries. Some players will speak English but others will likely not.  Languages available in Minecraft Minecraft supports multiple languages. The most extensive language support is available on the Java version with support for […]

How to update Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been doing exceptionally well as a console. It’s been one of the most popular items to buy during past holiday seasons. New versions of the console have been released and lots of popular game titles are available for it, not least of which is Minecraft.  Minecraft on Nintendo Switch Minecraft is […]

Best WordPress hosting in [year] ([month])

If you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting plan for you, start here… There are a lot of pros to getting started with WordPress web hosting, one key one being that it’s inexpensive because WordPress itself is free (and open source). Even the cheapest shared hosting plan usually comes with a one-click WordPress installer, allowing […]

The best Chrome VPNs in [year] ([month])

Boost your browser with extra security Streamline how you browse online and equip your Google Chrome with the best VPN for a more secure online experience. Packing a provider’s privacy prowess into a Chrome VPN extension, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of its large network, encryption, and other security features all within one […]

How to force restart your iPhone 13 Pro

When the iPhone was first released, it changed how phones were designed. Instead of entire keyboards or multiple hard buttons, the design worked with a single Home button. There were, and continue to be, hard buttons on the side but over the years, the Home button too has been retired.  Force restart iPhone 13 Pro […]

How do I find my friends on Minecraft?

Minecraft was never big on needing an account to play it. Users needed to create a Mojang account to purchase the game but nothing beyond that. This changed after Microsoft bought Minecraft. You now need a Microsoft Live account to play Minecraft. The good news is, a Microsoft Live account works with Xbox’s services and […]

How to create iOS 15 Legacy Contacts

Everyone is going to die, eventually. We all prepare for death differently and the preparations start at different points in our life. Some people start preparing for death after a near-death experience while others wait until until they’re older. Of the many things we have to take care of in this regard, our digital identity […]

When will iOS 15.3 be released?

iOS 15.2 is almost a month old. This update added privacy reports which, for many users, is a big deal. It allows them to see how apps are accessing their information and which domains they communicate with. The SOS functionality has been updated as well where you can now press the side button to send […]

Best Ways to Display NFTs In Your Home

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are the latest thing in the blockchain industry. If you have been watching crypto tv channels or reading crypto news, you will know that the sector is getting more attention every day from both individuals and corporations. Anyone can now mint their own NFTs and do with as they please. While most […]

Post Covid’ Special Free Online

Top streamers like HBO Max, Netflix, and CBS have been our main sources of entertainment, especially in the holiday seasons. Some have been following shows like South Park for years. South Park is an animated comedy TV series that started airing in 1997. Recently, South Park announced that the Post Covid Specials would only air […]

5 Best VPNs for Crypto Trading

If you are not completely new to the crypto market, then you must have heard reports of hackers attacking crypto trading platforms, wallets, and protocols resulting in the loss of millions of dollars. This makes it of utmost importance that you keep yourself safe when trading crypto assets. And that’s where VPNs come into the […]

Minecraft Frogs: How to find them

Minecraft adds updates and makes change to the game at a fairly fast pace. The Cliffs and Caves update is barely a few months old but the next major update has already rolled out to beta testers. This new update is called the Wild Update and it features new mobs and blocks. Minecraft Frogs One […]

How do I get Minecoins in Minecraft?

Games make money in one of two ways; the initial purchase of the game if it’s a paid title, and through the sale of in-game items. Exceptionally popular games may also sell physical items i.e., game merchandise though the purchase likely goes through an online store that is not built into the game.  Minecoins in […]

What is Minecraft Bedrock version?

Minecraft is available on every platform that you can play a game on. This includes desktop platforms, mobile platforms, gaming console including the Nintendo Switch. Across all these platforms, the game goes by the same name: Minecraft. On the Windows platform though, you will find that Minecraft is often referred to in one of two […]

The Best Cheap VPNs in 2022

There’s no need to compromise on quality with these bargain VPNs. Years ago, cheap VPN providers often couldn’t match up to the very best VPN services on the market, and sacrificed power and functionality in order to offer the lowest price. Things have now moved on, though, and even the some of the cheapest VPNs […]

Is a VPN really worth it? 2022

In tech circles we spend a lot of money, but there are some decisions that are easy and a few that are hard. We know that a smartphone is an essential nowadays, so paying up to $100 a month or more for the latest model isn’t something we generally anguish over. We invest in high-speed […]

How to reset Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods are wireless Bluetooth headphones. They’re now on their second iteration i.e., 2nd generation version. They’ve been fairly successful and while some users have definitely lost one pod from a pair, they continue to be one of the best wireless headphones on the market. Apple AirPods Apple Airpods are paired like any other Bluetooth […]

How to add users to Jira boards

Jira is a popular task management tools used across multiple industries. It is exceptionally popular in IT and is built to be used with the Agile framework but if you know how to use and organize things in Jira, you can use it in almost any field.  Jira boards A Jira board shows you the […]

How to use indoor maps on Google Maps

Google Maps offers live view which is basically directions given in augmented reality. They’re useful when you need to walk dense areas without clearly defined streets and pathways to get somewhere. Google Maps also has indoor maps. It’s an extension of maps but it’s for large buildings. The idea is the same but the location […]

How to fix Slack audio issues

Slack offers audio or video calls and it also has huddles. Huddles allow you to join an audio group call. A huddle is an event that happens in a channel, group, or over a personal chat thread. In addition to huddles, and audio and video calls, Slack users can also send audio messages, and play […]

Can you buy event skins in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends has regular events all through the year. Often they are themed but they all bring new items to unlock. The items are generally unlocked when a player completes challenges in an event. The event, and the challenges are mostly time-bound which means you have a limited amount of time to complete them and […]

What are AMD CPUs on Windows 11?

Processors have, for the longest time, been manufactured by Intel. If you were to buy a laptop or a desktop a few short years ago, regardless if it were a Mac or a Windows system, chances are it would have an Intel made processor. That has changed. Apple now manufactures its own processors and users […]

How to find Google Meet outage map

Google owns quite a few services which are massive in their own right. YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, and more have a massive user base. Keeping all these services up and running, and able to serve its large user base isn’t easy but Google manages to keep things running. Google Meet Outage map Google […]