How to Disable the Articles on Microsoft Edge’s Start and New Tab Pages

Microsoft Edge shows a stream of articles on your Start and New Tab pages. These news articles include “sponsored” listings for dental implements and low APR credit card offers—in other words, paid advertisements.

If you’re a Microsoft Edge user, you can disable this pretty quickly. Unfortunately, Microsoft may re-enable these news articles after Windows 10 installs a big update, so you may find yourself disabling them over and over.

To disable these articles on Edge’s Start page—that’s the page that appears when you open a new Edge browser window—click the “Hide Feed” or gear icon at the top right corner of the page.

Check the “Hide My News Feed” option and then click “Save.”

The news feed will vanish from your Start page, and you’ll see only an empty page with a Bing search box.

Unfortunately, you’ll still see the news articles when you open a New Tab page. The Start page and New Tab page are similar but have different settings for some reason.

To hide news articles from the New Tab page, click the “Hide Feed” or gear option at the top right corner of the New Tab page.

Select “Top Sites” to see just a list of your top sites or “A Blank Page” to see a blank page whenever you open a New Tab page. Click “Save” when you’re done.

The news articles will vanish from both Edge’s Start page and New Tab page—at least until Edge re-enables them after a Windows Update.

These sponsored ads are just one of the many types of advertisements built into Windows 10.