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How to Find Hidden Apps on Android

Although Android phones are quite popular and used by many, there are still things that baffle novices and seasoned Android owners alike. And no, we’re not talking about gaining root privileges over your Android device or re-packing operating systems to remove bloatware. One of the most pressing matters you can find on select places on […]

Manage Your Car’s OBD From Android With Dash

All modern vehicles – or at least the ones that were manufactured after the mid 90’s – come equipped with an OBD (On Board Diagnostic) system that helps mechanics or DIY enthusiasts troubleshoot certain issues in case something goes wrong. The OBD carries information related to your car’s various sensors, engine performance, brakes condition, wear […]

Personalized Video Streaming For Android & iOS

Months after its acquisition by StumbleUpon, the video recommendation engine 5by finally made its way to iOS and Android around the end of January. StumbleUpon acquired the start-up back in September 2013 with the aim to provide users with custom-tailored videos that can reflect their moods, ambiance and situation. The concept remains similar to StumbleUpon’s current […]