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How to create a Microsoft Teams group chat

Microsoft Teams supports meetings with a large number of participants. These meetings are held in channels and everyone who is part of a channel can join the meeting. Microsoft Teams can support large group conversations whether they’re video calls or text-based chats. Microsoft Teams group chat You can create a group within Microsoft Teams to […]

How to create Microsoft Teams meeting notes

Microsoft Teams has a sophisticated closed-captioning system and it also a transcript feature that works if you have Microsoft Voice enabled for a team. Between two features, you don’t necessarily need to manually record what is said in a meeting however, a transcript isn’t the same as notes. Microsoft Teams meeting notes Meeting notes are […]

How to create and use Microsoft Teams tags

Tags are used in different ways; to keep files organized, to center conversations around a particular topic, or to group people/items together. A tag is most often used to make items easier to find. In chat applications tags also act as a notification or alert system. For example, in Slack, tags like @all can be […]

How to Create and Use Sticky Notes on Mac

The Stickies app for macOS gives you Sticky Notes for your desktop, turning your Mac into a virtual bulletin board and letting you jot down short bits of text to remember later. The notes are desktop specific, so you can organize them however you want, and they’ll retain their layout and contents even after closing […]

How to Create Multiple Columns in Google Docs

Google Docs can split a document up into columns, which is excellent for making newsletters, pamphlets, and brochures. Here’s how you can separate parts of your document up into two or three columns in Google Docs. How to Create Multiple Columns in Google Docs Adding multiple columns to your documents in Google Docs is still […]