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Linux: test disk speed [Guide]

Need to test your hard drive speed on Linux but can’t quite figure it out? We can help! Follow along with this guide as we go over how you can test your disk speed on Linux! Gnome Disk Utility If you want to test disk speed on Linux, the best way to go about it […]

Create Hard Disk Database & Quickly Search Files

The native search functionality of Windows operating system works well for finding certain kinds of file types or digging deep into subdirectories, but it’s not the best solution when it comes to finding custom files as quickly as you can. Previously we’ve covered applications like Everything Search Engine and MasterSeeker that improve upon Windows Search […]

How to Check Free Disk Space on a Mac

We all worry about hitting the limits of our Mac’s storage space. We need room for downloading new apps, installing updates, and storing our creative works. Here are the two quickest and most useful ways to see how much free space you have left. How to Quickly Check Free Disk Space Using Finder The most […]

100% Disk Usage Windows 10 Task Manager

Windows Task Manager is a beneficial tool that gives us performance insights. Sometimes Windows 10 Task manager shows 100% Disk usage. When this happens, your system slows down, and it is almost impossible to use. Moreover, 100% Disk Usage puts pressure on your hard disk and might cause severe damage. 100% Disk Usage on Windows […]