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How to Roll Back a Driver in Windows

Updating a driver on your PC doesn’t always work out well. Sometimes, they introduce bugs or simply don’t run as well as the version they replaced. Luckily, Windows makes it easy to roll back to a previous driver in Windows 10. Here’s how. While driver updates generally go pretty well, that’s not always the case. Often, […]

Windows 10’s Buggy Hardware Driver Updates Are Being Fixed

Windows Update doesn’t just automatically update the Windows 10 operating system—it automatically updates hardware drivers, too. That’s resulted in many bugs, but Microsoft is making improvements—and making some of those driver updates optional. How Windows 10 Has Been Updating Your Drivers Much has been written about Windows 10’s automatic operating system updates, but hardware drivers […]

How To Disable Driver Signature Enforcement In Windows 10

Windows is not exactly synonymous with security. It tires, and it tires hard but PCs are subject to almost every imaginable digital malady such as malware burrowing its way into your kernel under the guise of harmless software. As a counter-measure, Windows attempts to keep your system secure by having hardware manufacturers digitally sign their drivers and have […]

How To Install The Nvidia Beta Driver On Linux

Nvidia makes the best graphics cards but at present, Linux users may have a hard time using the stable Linux drivers. Initially, there was great support for these graphics cards with stable drivers available for Linux. It has deteriorated since. Those using the new GTX 10 series cards are experiencing glitches, and less than stellar performance. It is because […]

How To Fix Nvidia Driver Update Problems

Nvidia is the leading GPU manufacturer in the market. It has always been a fine contest between Nvidia and AMD, where Nvidia have usually been ahead of the game. Gaming laptops like Acer Predator, ASUS RoG, Alienware, Razer prefer Nvidia GPUs. Simple, non-gaming laptops have lower-end GPUs while gaming rigs pack some more heat. If you […]

How To Fix PCIe NVMe SSD Boot And Driver Problems

The struggle for astronomical storage spaces has slowed down. Society, it seems, has settled on a few TeraBytes of storage and are sticking to using more drives as/when needed. This pushed storage technology in a different direction; namely speed. Traditional mechanical hard drives measure speed on RPM and cache storage, and now we have Solid […]

How To Roll Back A Driver In Windows 10

Windows, regardless which version you have, automatically installs generic drivers for your system. The drivers sometimes update when you install Windows Updates. Other times, you might manually update a driver, or a utility on your PC might do it for you. Driver updates are generally a good thing; they mean your hardware manufacturer is still […]

How To Restart A Driver On Windows 10

When your Windows PC acts up, restarting it is always a good, quick fix, to a random problem. The same trick works for most every other device. If you can’t connect to your WiFi network, restart your WiFi router. If your phone is unresponsive, restart it. Sometimes, restarting  your PC doesn’t do the trick if […]

How to use the Manjaro Linux driver installer

Manjaro Linux is one of the best new Linux distributions that are gaining traction in the community. It’s not hard to see why, as it takes the usually complicated Arch Linux distribution and puts it in a friendly, easy to understand casing — effectively adding training wheels to an unstable base. The Manjaro operating system […]

How to block a driver update on Windows 10

Driver updates are fairly common on any desktop operating system. Some driver updates are bundled with major and/or minor OS updates while others download individually whenever they’re available. Driver updates aren’t as critical as security updates so it’s okay if you skip them or don’t install them immediately. In some cases though, a driver might […]