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How to unmount hard drives on Ubuntu

If you need to unmount a hard drive in Ubuntu, the fastest and easiest way to do it is with Gnome Disks. Gnome Disks is a disk management tool. With it, users can manage hard drives, USB devices, and everything else storage-related.  To start using Gnome Disks in Ubuntu, open it by searching for it […]

Why Does Windows Still Use Letters for Drives?

Windows typically assigns your system drive the letter C: and gives different letters to other storage devices. That’s unusual—macOS and Linux don’t use letters. Windows can access drives without letters, so why does it use them? Where Do Drive Letters Come From? Like many things in Windows—such as, how it uses backward instead of forward slashes—drive […]

How to See a Drive’s File System on Windows 10

When you’re elbow-deep in drive configuration or troubleshooting, you often need to know what file system a certain drive on your Windows 10 PC uses. For example, if you’re using the new Windows File Recovery tool, it’s essential info. Here’s how to find it. First, open “File Explorer.” Locate the drive whose file system you’d […]

How to disable USB drives on Windows 10

CD/DVD drives are fast disappearing from modern laptops and desktops. USB ports, and by extension USB drives are now becoming the common storage devices used to transfer and back-up files, and use as installation media. If you look at the USB market, you’ll notice that the lowest storage denomination for a USB drive has also […]