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How to install Fedora Cinnamon

Fedora Cinnamon is an alternative version of Fedora that uses the Cinnamon Desktop environment from Linux Mint. It is an elegant operating system and very popular with those who like modern features but dislike Gnome Shell. Here’s how to install it on your computer. Downloading Fedora Cinnamon Fedora Cinnamon is one of the more popular […]

How to upgrade to Fedora 34

Fedora 34 is here! With it comes a brand new desktop environment: Gnome 40! If you’ve been patiently waiting to try out this new release, this article is for you! Follow along as we go over how to upgrade to Fedora 34! Download Fedora 34 to try it fresh If you do not have Fedora […]

How To Install Fedora 27

Fedora Linux is one of the most solid Linux operating systems if you’re trying to find a no-nonsense, open source workstation operating system. With it, users get a taste of the latest new software from Redhat, including features that will appear in later releases of Redhat Enterprise Linux, all for free. Trouble is, the Fedora installer […]

How To Upgrade Fedora Linux

Fedora Linux is an operating system mainly targeted towards users who know what they’re doing. Getting it set up isn’t like Ubuntu or Linux Mint, and it takes some know-how to use it day to day. Despite all of the complexities of this operating system, the upgrade process is one of the most natural and […]

How to install software on Fedora Linux

Fedora Linux is considered a more difficult operating system to use, compared to Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and other more user-friendly operating systems. Instead of focusing on average users, it primarily targets developers, system administrators, and Linux power users. For this reason, many new users are intimidated by Fedora Linux and find it difficult to install […]

9 best reasons to use Fedora Linux

Aside from Ubuntu, Fedora Linux is one of the most famous open-source operating systems in the Linux community. Despite this, many users overlook it and are afraid to try it out, because of its willingness to try out new technologies and give users more modern software than most are comfortable with. If you’re curious about […]

How to set up RPMFusion on Fedora Linux

RPMFusion is a massive third-party software source for Fedora Linux. The source contains two distinct releases. These releases are RPMFusion Free and RPMFusion Non-Free. In the Free repository, RPM Fusion includes popular open source software, codecs, and tools that the Fedora project neglects to add, due to lack of resources, or unwillingness to include due […]

How to speed up the Fedora Linux app installer

Fedora is a powerful Linux distribution that many prefer to use due to many factors, including its new packages, development focus, advanced system, commitment to open source, etc. Still, for as good as Fedora Linux is, it has a severe downside: the DNF package manager, and how slow it is compared to Ubuntu and Debian’s […]

How to install Fedora apps offline

Are you running Fedora as your Linux distribution of choice? Do you have a spotty internet connection or slow downloads? If so, it’s a good idea to learn how to use the offline feature included in the DNF package manager. DNF’s offline mode is known as “download only,” and when used, can make installing large […]

How to upgrade to Fedora 31

A new version of Fedora has been released into the world. It is dubbed “Fedora 31,” and offers some fantastic new features, a newer Linux kernel, new Gnome Shell, new KDE Plasma, better hardware support, and so much more. In this guide, we’ll go over how to upgrade your existing Fedora system to the latest […]

How to upgrade to Fedora 32

Fedora 32 has been released, and with it comes a slew of new improvements and features to the Fedora operating system, such as a re-designed lock screen, Gnome 3.36, EarlyOOM (an app that helps with heavy SWAP usage), and much more. In this guide, we’ll show you how to upgrade your existing Fedora Linux system […]