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How to open TSV files on Windows 10

We’re all familiar with CSV files i.e., Comma Separated Values. It’s a type of file format which imports and opens easily in most common spreadsheet apps. The values that appear to be separated by commas are separated into columns and rows. TSV files are similar but far less commonly supports. TSV files on Windows TSV […]

How to transfer MP3 files to iPhone

Adding music from outside iTunes or Apple Music to an iPhone is a tedious, confusing process. For people coming to an iPhone from an Android device, the fact that an iPhone’s internal storage cannot be accessed the same way as an Android device’s internal storage can basically forces them to relearn how to put files/data […]

How to open .key files on Windows 10

Apple is no stranger to productivity and it has its own suite of apps collectively called iWork. iWork includes a document processor, a spreadsheet tool, a presentation tool, and its famous movie editing tool iMovie, among other apps. Like many of its products, Apple’s iWork tools have their own proprietary format. The .KEY file format […]

How to select multiple files on macOS

File selection is a simple process when you only need to select a single file. It’s only when your selection is varied i.e. you need to select certain files and not others that you may run into problems.  Select files on macOS File selection can be contiguous  (the files are selected in the order they […]

How to open ASPX files

ASPX files aren’t common but you will run into them if you download the source code for an app, you may find an APSX file or two in it. The file type may be uncommon for most end users but it isn’t difficult to open this type of file. ASPX file An ASPX file is […]

How to use Keybase to encrypt files on Linux

Keybase is an end-to-end encryption tool for messaging and for file sharing. It’s an excellent, easy-to-use tool for those that want to quickly encrypt and share files with friends. Here’s how to do it on Linux. Installing Keybase on Linux The Keybase application must be installed on your Linux distribution before attempting to use it […]

How to fix corrupt WAV files

Audio files come in many different formats. MP3 is one of the most popular audio file formats and one of the most commonly found ones. Windows users are also fairly familiar with the WAV format.  WAV files tend to be much larger and they’re the audio format used by Windows for OS sounds/alerts. If you […]

How to show hidden files in Windows 11

File Explorer has changed in Windows 11. The ribbon is gone and replaced with a much more concise set of buttons for managing files. There is a registry hack that can enable the Windows 1o File Explorer ribbon in Windows 11 but it may stop working by the time Windows 11 is rolled out to […]

How to compress PNG files on Linux

Are you looking to compress some PNG images on your Linux PC? Can’t figure out how to compress PNGs? We can help! In this guide, we’ll go over two great ways you can compress your PNG image files on Linux. Need to compress other image types? Check out Curtail for Linux. Method 1 – PNG […]

How to unzip TarGZ files in Linux

TarGZ archives are a staple of Linux. Many programs are distributed in this file format, as well as other files. Despite this, many Linux users do not know how to unzip TarGZ files in Linux.  In this guide, we’ll show you that it’s effortless to unzip TarGZ files on Linux. To get started, download your […]

Here’s How to Access Files on iPhone

If you want to browse iPhone photos on a Mac, you will need to import them to your photo library. This will take considerable time and if you’d like to copy a photo from the Photo Library to a different folder, the process is going to get more complicated. In stark contrast to this, you […]

Pin posts, channels, video, and files

A Microsoft Teams team can get quite busy; lots of channels, messages, posts, and files are shared and the more members there are in a team, the busier it will get. The app has lots of great ways to organize everything but at some point, important conversations of files can get lost or overlooked. Microsoft […]

How to upload files to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows team members to collaborate on different types of files. It’s also a fairly decent way to share files with everyone in a group, or with someone one-on-one. In order to collaborate on files, or to share them, you have to upload the file to Microsoft Teams. This is fairly simple to do […]

Share Files, Folders & Screenshots In A Click

File-sharing! There are literally dozens of start-ups and big technology companies working on making the ultimate file-sharing solution. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, Box, Amazon Drive – just to name a few of the popular ones. What makes Jumpshare any different? Previously, we discussed their web-based solution for uploading, sharing, and viewing files. Uploading and […]

How to Attach Files to Google Calendar Events

Google Calendar Events are a great way to organize meetings, but no meeting is complete without a slideshow, spreadsheet, pictures, or reports. Fortunately, you can easily attach anything from your Google Drive or your local hard drive to an event. How to Attach Files to Google Calendar Events Adding attachments to an event gives you […]

How to Recover Deleted Files from iCloud Drive

Losing files is gut-wrenching, especially if it’s an important work document or pictures of your kids. Online storage solutions usually offer a way to restore deleted files, and iCloud is no different. The process is convoluted, but we’ll hold your hand all the way. Companies like Dropbox offer some extensive solutions for restoring deleted files […]

How To Tag Files on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad

Organizing files is something that few people would identify as fun, but there are some ways you can increase the enjoyment factor while also improving organization. One of those ways is tags; here’s how to use tags on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you’re unfamiliar with tags, you’re in for a treat. Adding colors and […]

How to Copy Files Using the “install” Command on Linux

install is a versatile file-copying command in Linux and macOS. It’s perfect for the power-user looking for efficiency. Read this article to discover how to work smarter—not harder. Wait—It’s Not For Installing Software? The install command might have the most misleading name of any of the Linux commands. It doesn’t actually install any software. If you’re […]

How to Move Game Files to Another Xbox One

Xbox One games are enormous. Red Dead Redemption 2 alone is 107 GB. If you have a data cap, downloading the same game multiple times is wasteful. Instead, transfer your games between consoles using external drives to save data. Copy Your Games to Save Time and Data When giving someone a new Xbox One, we […]

How to Edit Text Files Graphically on Linux With gedit

Linux users normally edit configuration files with terminal-based tools like nano and vim . If you want to edit a file graphically—even a system file—the gedit text editor makes it painless and easy. Files, Files Everywhere An oft-repeated phrase concerning Linux and other Unix-based operating systems such as macOS is “everything is a file.” While […]

How to Securely Delete Files on Linux

Shred old data files for the same reason you shred old paper documents. We tell you what you need to know about securely deleting Linux files. This tutorial covers the shred command and the secure-delete suite of utilities. Deleted Files Are Normally Recoverable Deleting a file doesn’t actually remove it from your hard drive. It’s […]

How to Open RAW Image Files on Windows 10

Windows 10 finally has built-in support for RAW images, thanks to the May 2019 Update. You’ll just need to install an extension from the Store. There are other solutions for opening RAW files on older versions of Windows, too. Windows 10: Download the RAW Images Extension To install and use the RAW Image Extension, you […]

How to Encrypt and Decrypt Files With GPG on Linux

Protect your privacy with the Linux gpg command. Use world-class encryption to keep your secrets safe. We’ll show you how to use gpg to work with keys, encrypt files, and decrypt them. GnuPrivacy Guard (GPG) allows you to securely encrypt files so that only the intended recipient can decrypt them. Specifically, GPG complies with the OpenPGP standard. […]

Send Files & Text Between Mac & iOS Devices With Copybin

Sharing data between two different types of Apple devices is laborious and cumbersome anyway you put it. Granted, Airdrop has considerably improved the experience in some situations, but that luxury evades a large portion of Mac and iOS users. Similarly, services like iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive have provided some relief, but even these solutions are not one-size-fits-all. […]

Create Hard Disk Database & Quickly Search Files

The native search functionality of Windows operating system works well for finding certain kinds of file types or digging deep into subdirectories, but it’s not the best solution when it comes to finding custom files as quickly as you can. Previously we’ve covered applications like Everything Search Engine and MasterSeeker that improve upon Windows Search […]