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How to fix the Xbox error 0x97e107df

The Xbox is a device that remains on and remains connected to the internet. You can put the device in offline mode, and you can play games offline if they have an offline mode. That said, most games on Xbox are online games and that means you need an internet connection to play them. Fix […]

How to fix Google Chrome not responding

Google Chrome is the most popular browser. There was a time when the browser was one of the least resource hungry browsers on the market. It’s low resource consumption, and its clean UI was what led it to dominate the browser market. Chrome still has a clean UI but it has since grown to consume […]

Snapchat not working or won’t launch [Fix]

Mobile devices don’t compare to desktop computers or laptops but that isn’t to say that modern mobile devices aren’t powerful. A modern phone comes with a fast processor, plenty of RAM, and considerable storage space, and it has lots of sensors you won’t find on a desktop or laptop computer.  It’s precisely why many mobile […]

How to fix the CE-34788-0 PS4 error code

The PlayStation, like any other device, can run into problems. Some of these may be simple to fix e.g., a network error or a cache error. Others may require that you to uninstall and reinstall a game. The platform also experiences more serious errors such as the CE-34788-0 error. This error points to  problem with […]

How to fix Outlook stuck on loading profile

Outlook works with any and all email services. You can add multiple accounts and check the inbox for any one of them. Outlook can keep the inboxes for each account separate and you can configure different rules for each one. Outlook can also create different profiles. A profile can consist of entirely different accounts and […]