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How to fix WhatsApp: Is WhatsApp down?

At the time of writing WhatsApp is experiencing issues which appear to be related to the servers it runs on. Facebook and Instagram are also down, and all three are services owned by Facebook. Users are reporting the problems on Twitter and DownDetector is showing a huge spike from around 4pm on Monday 4 October. […]

How to fix Slack audio issues

Slack offers audio or video calls and it also has huddles. Huddles allow you to join an audio group call. A huddle is an event that happens in a channel, group, or over a personal chat thread. In addition to huddles, and audio and video calls, Slack users can also send audio messages, and play […]

How to fix iOS 15.0.2 not updating

iOS updates are available OTA i.e., you can download an update on your device, and install it, without connecting the device to a computer. You can also download an update to your computer first, and then install it on your iPhone or iPad. The second method, the tethered update method, requires iTunes on Windows and […]

How to fix Youtube lagging on Windows 11

YouTube videos are generally available in different streaming qualities. Videos can be played in resolution as low as 240 resolution. Normally, you won’t play in a video in that low a resolution unless your internet connection is exceptionally slow. YouTube auto-selects a lower resolution so that videos play smoothly even if the internet is slow. […]

How to fix charging problems with iOS 15

iOS 15 released last month. Like most iOS updates, users have installed the update en masse. For most users, the update has gone smooth but some users are having troubles charging their devices. This bug is plaguing both iOS users i.e., iPhone users, and iPadOS users i.e., iPad users.  Charging problems with iOS 15 The […]

How to fix the CPU fan speed error

Every computer, desktop or laptop, has at least one built-in fan. The fan keeps the computer cool and it is pre-configured to run automatically when the system heats up. There is a temperature threshold which, when crossed, will trigger the fan. CPU fan speed error The CPU fans turn on automatically when you boot a […]

How to fix the Xbox error 0x97e107df

The Xbox is a device that remains on and remains connected to the internet. You can put the device in offline mode, and you can play games offline if they have an offline mode. That said, most games on Xbox are online games and that means you need an internet connection to play them. Fix […]

How to fix Google Chrome not responding

Google Chrome is the most popular browser. There was a time when the browser was one of the least resource hungry browsers on the market. It’s low resource consumption, and its clean UI was what led it to dominate the browser market. Chrome still has a clean UI but it has since grown to consume […]

Snapchat not working or won’t launch [Fix]

Mobile devices don’t compare to desktop computers or laptops but that isn’t to say that modern mobile devices aren’t powerful. A modern phone comes with a fast processor, plenty of RAM, and considerable storage space, and it has lots of sensors you won’t find on a desktop or laptop computer.  It’s precisely why many mobile […]

How to fix the CE-34788-0 PS4 error code

The PlayStation, like any other device, can run into problems. Some of these may be simple to fix e.g., a network error or a cache error. Others may require that you to uninstall and reinstall a game. The platform also experiences more serious errors such as the CE-34788-0 error. This error points to  problem with […]

How to fix Outlook stuck on loading profile

Outlook works with any and all email services. You can add multiple accounts and check the inbox for any one of them. Outlook can keep the inboxes for each account separate and you can configure different rules for each one. Outlook can also create different profiles. A profile can consist of entirely different accounts and […]

How to fix the Hulu loading error on PS4

The PS4 is a gaming console but it doesn’t limit itself to games. It is an entertainment platform that supports, in addition to games, streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. You can use your console to stream from these, and other services. Fix Hulu loading error on PS4 Hulu can be installed on the PS4 […]