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How to play Crab Game on Linux

Crab Game is an FPS multiplayer game where players compete through minigames until one player remains. It is based upon the popular Netflix series “Squid Game.” Here’s how to play it on Linux. Getting Crab Game working on Linux Crab Game is a native Linux game, so you will not have to configure Steam Play […]

5 best game booster software for Windows 10

Games are some of the most resource hungry apps that you will run on your system. In order to run a game, your system must meet its minimum requirements. In fact, it’s always best to check the minimum requirements of a game before you buy it. The game requirements are basically hardware specifications your system […]

How to Open Game Bar (Windows 10)

Windows 10 is a self-sufficient OS, offering plenty of native tools for a wide range of users, including gamers. One way it caters to gamers is through the use of the Xbox Game Bar. Today we’re here to explain what game bar is, and how to open game bar on Windows 10. Read on to […]

How to Start Your Own Game Server

While you could host a game server on your PC, sometimes it’s more convenient to have a cloud server running 24/7. Game server hosting can be surprisingly cheap, especially if you’re just looking to play with a few friends. Dedicated vs. Shared Hosting Dedicated hosting is when you rent out an entire rack of a […]

How to Move Game Files to Another Xbox One

Xbox One games are enormous. Red Dead Redemption 2 alone is 107 GB. If you have a data cap, downloading the same game multiple times is wasteful. Instead, transfer your games between consoles using external drives to save data. Copy Your Games to Save Time and Data When giving someone a new Xbox One, we […]

6 Great Features in Windows 10’s New Game Bar

Windows 10’s May 2019 Update features an all-new game bar experience. It’s not just for capturing videos anymore. It’s now an overlay packed with useful tools, including quick panels for adjusting application volume, seeing resource usage, and playing Spotify music. How to Open the Game Bar To open the game bar, press Windows+G. It will […]

Real Time Word Building Game For Windows 8

Whether you’re on public transport or just trying to kill time during a rest break at work, a challenging word puzzle is often the right tonic for a quick mental exercise. You might have played cross-platform games like Scrabble or Words with Friends and there are literally thousands of other word games that you may not […]

How to Refund a GOG Game

GOG.com now has a refund policy that lets you refund games you’ve purchased within 30 days, no matter how long you’ve played them. This broad new policy is much more generous than GOG’s biggest competitors like Steam and the Epic Games Store. How to Return a GOG Game To return a game, even if you’ve […]

What Exactly Is a “Gacha” Video Game?

Gacha games are popular with mobile gamers all over the world. The term comes from Japan, but the games have spread internationally. Here’s how they work, and what makes them so addictive! What Is a Gacha Game? As more people start gaming on their phones, the number of games looking to take up real-estate on […]

How to Safely Clean Your Nasty Game Controllers

Game controllers are magnets for dirt and grime. It doesn’t matter if you take really good care of your pads, they’ll eventually need a deep clean to remove skin, debris, and bacteria. Here’s how to do it without damaging your hardware. Before You Clean Before you start cleaning your controllers, it’s good to check the […]

How to Hide What Game You’re Playing on Discord

Discord automatically shows your friends the games you’re playing. If a game uses Discord’s Rich Presence feature, your friends can even see where you are in-game. Here’s how you can deactivate this feature and increase your privacy while gaming. Open the Settings menu in Discord by clicking the cog in the bottom left next to […]

How to Set App & Game Limits on Windows 10

With Microsoft Family Groups, you can easily block specific apps and games for individual profiles on any of your Windows 10 machines. You can also create custom time limits for apps to restrict screen time for work or play. To access these controls for most of your Microsoft machines, including the Xbox One and Android […]

How to Set App and Game Limits on Xbox One

Microsoft Family Groups allows you to limit access to specific apps and games for individual accounts on your Xbox One. You can quickly set up a child account or additional restrictions to protect innocent eyes from explicit content. To restrict access to specific apps and games on Xbox One, you’ll first need to create a […]

How to Game Share on the Nintendo Switch

One of the Nintendo Switch’s little-known features is the ability to install a single copy of a digital game on multiple devices. Here’s how it works. What Is Game Sharing? Game sharing is a process that allows you to use a single digital copy of a game across multiple consoles, similar to how you’d share […]

How To Get Game Mode In Windows 10 Pro N

Game mode is one of the highlight features in the Windows 10 Creators Update. It’s basically a system optimization feature that helps games run better on your system. You can access it from the Settings app and it’s easy to turn On or Off. If you like games, this is probably one of the features […]

How To Turn Off Game Bar In Windows 10

Windows is great for gaming if you prefer a PC over a platform like PlayStation of Xbox. Gamers who prefer a PC will argue that it’s better than an Xbox. That’s an argument to be had in the comments section of an obscure YouTube video though so let’s not get into it. If you prefer to […]

How To Livestream A Game On Windows 10

Broadcast gaming, or livestreaming, is on the rise. People want to share their gaming experiences with the world. The trend began with YouTube gaming channels but has now evolved to a full-fledged airing of the entire gaming experience. It used to be that gamers required specialized hardware like capture devices to smoothly stream across the internet. […]

How To Make Sense Of Steam Game Reviews

Steam game reviews help gamers, new and old, decide if a game is worth playing. Word of mouth may get you to download popular titles without bothering with their reviews but even an exceptionally popular game’s sales are effected if its reviews are consistently negative. Steam has a binary rating system; a review is either […]

How To Verify Cache Of A Steam Game

You can download a game on Steam in several sessions. The Steam client, and the games, both allow you to pause and resume downloads. If you ever lose your internet connection or have to shut down your system while you’re downloading a game, you can pause the download. Later, when you have time and an […]

How To Disable Game Mode In Fall Creators Update

Microsoft introduced Game Mode to Windows 10. It’s a special mode aimed at giving you a better gaming experience. It’s effectiveness is debatable among gamers. Some say there’s a noticeable difference in some games while others complain that it summarily ruins everything. Up until the Creators Update, the Game Mode could be turned On or […]