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How to get the Windows 11 ISO

There are two ways to install Windows 11; you can install it via Windows Update, or you can create installation media. Neither method is difficult. With Windows Update, you have to wait for Windows 11 to be rolled out to your system. If your system doesn’t have a whitelisted CPU, Windows Update won’t allow you […]

How to mount ISO images on Windows 10

Optical discs are slowly going extinct. You will find low end laptops and custom desktop builds can be fitted with an optical disc reader but the technology has grown far less common. USBs and external drives are now the popular method for transferring data when online transfer isn’t practical or possible. Software distribution has also […]

How to download Windows 8.1 ISO file

Windows 8 was not popular or well-received. Few people upgraded to it and its life was cut short despite Microsoft eventually fixing the Start menu. While Windows 8 was still the newest Windows version, plenty of laptops and desktops were released that run the OS. Windows 8/8.1 users were given the option to upgrade to […]

How To Download Windows 10 S ISO

Windows versions are either built for home use and labelled ‘Home’, or built for work/business labelled ‘Professional’. Home and Professional are the two versions that Windows 10 is available in however, Microsoft introduced a new version in March 2017. It’s called Windows 10 S. This version can only run Windows Store app, limits you to […]

How to verify ISO checksums on Linux

If you’ve used Linux for any amount of time, you might notice that many Linux operating system developers ask that you “verify the checksums” after downloading. What is a checksum? It’s a data block that is algorithmically generated. It is used to check for tampering or errors in a file. In the Linux community, developers […]