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What is a Steam key?

Steam is a secure platform for buying games. You do not run the risk of buying a fake game and there are options to resell a game, something you don’t commonly see with digital purchases. As far as game distribution goes, Steam checks all the boxes, and then some. Steam keys A Steam key is […]

How to open .key files on Windows 10

Apple is no stranger to productivity and it has its own suite of apps collectively called iWork. iWork includes a document processor, a spreadsheet tool, a presentation tool, and its famous movie editing tool iMovie, among other apps. Like many of its products, Apple’s iWork tools have their own proprietary format. The .KEY file format […]

How to Disable the Insert Key on Windows 10

When you inadvertently press Insert on your keyboard, it toggles to Overtype mode. This means anything you type next will overwrite the text that follows the cursor. Fortunately, you can disable this annoying key in Windows 10. Every key on your keyboard has a corresponding key scan code that tells Windows how to handle each keystroke. While […]

How To Bookmark A Registry Key In Windows 10

The Windows registry lets you tweak features and UI elements that you can’t otherwise. It’s not an app the common user frequently needs but power users use it often enough. The registry editor isn’t built for the average user and perhaps that’s why its UI has rarely gotten much attention in terms of making navigation between […]

How To Edit Soft Key Placement On Android

Right-handed people make up the larger part of the world’s population. There are so many of us that almost every device and gadget developed has us as the target market. Most laptops have the trackpad positioned so that a right-handed person can use it comfortably. The scroll bar is on the right side of windows. […]

How To Set Up An SSH Key On Linux

SSH is a great technology; you can use it to hide VPN traffic with it, secure you connection to websites, and more. The only problem is each time you try to log into a remote machine, you have to enter your password and that can be tedious. If you’re a developer looking to connect to […]

How to use the Fn key lock on Windows 10

Keyboards have an entire row of keys at the top, above the number keys, that are labelled F1 to F12. These keys are present on practically all keyboards regardless if they’re for Macs or PCs. These keys perform two different functions; as Fn keys they have a separate action and as a secondary action they […]

How to fix the MacBook key press bug

The new MacBooks have defective keyboards. This is a hardware problem and nothing to do with macOS itself. What happens is when you tap a key on your keyboard, it often registers as multiple key presses. The problem has been widely documented and Unbox Therapy has demonstrated it in one of their videos. Apple has […]

How to disable media key control in Chrome

Chrome 73 added a small new feature whereby the media keys on your laptop’s keyboard, or your external keyboard can play/pause media that’s playing in the browser. What this means is that if you have a video playing on YouTube, or you’re watching Netflix in Chrome, the play/pause keys will be able to play/pause the […]

How to back up a Windows 10 product key

Windows 10 requires a license to work. A Windows license can be bought and used on any system of your choice, or you can by hardware that comes with Windows 10 installed with an OEM license. The license basically comes with a Product Key that you enter in Windows 10.  Generally speaking, if you have […]