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How to write upside down letters

The internet doesn’t follow a format; there is no convention for which font to use, the size of headings, or how many headings should be present on a website. Most websites will follow a coherent design but each website is different from the other. With forums and chat groups/apps, coherent writing more or less goes […]

Why Does Windows Still Use Letters for Drives?

Windows typically assigns your system drive the letter C: and gives different letters to other storage devices. That’s unusual—macOS and Linux don’t use letters. Windows can access drives without letters, so why does it use them? Where Do Drive Letters Come From? Like many things in Windows—such as, how it uses backward instead of forward slashes—drive […]

How To Autofill Letters From A-Z In Excel

Microsoft Excel has a neat autofill feature that can complete a series like days of the week, months of the year, or numbers in a series e.g., odd or even numbers, etc. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t cater to the letters of the alphabet. This means you cannot autofill letters from A-Z in Exce using this […]