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How to Fix a Printer in Error State on Windows 10

Printer problems are often hard to fix. A printer may be fine hardware-wise i.e. no page jams, correctly set up, toner ready, cartridges full etc, but it may still refuse to print. Printing problems are mostly caused by software or OS-related issues. This is because, while technology has improved over the years, printer technology hasn’t […]

How To Print From Your Phone To A Desktop Printer

Modern desktop printers come in two types; network connected printers, and standard printers. A network connected printer can connect to your WiFi or Ethernet network and receive print jobs from other devices on the network. A standard printer can only receive print jobs from a desktop. This kind, a standard printer, is more common in […]

How To Rename A Printer In Windows 10

Printers are hard to set up and the set up process doesn’t involve giving the printer a user friendly name. For home printers, this isn’t much of a problem. Most homes only have one printer and whichever one is connected to your system or network is the one you’re going to print to. With printers […]

How To Uninstall A Printer On Windows 10

Printers are some of the most difficult types of hardware to work with. Installing drivers for them can be incredibly tricky and if you happen to get a paper jam, you might need an entire afternoon to figure out how to fix it. In all these years, printer technology hasn’t improved much. We may have […]

How to add a printer on macOS

Printers aren’t the most friendly devices to install on computers, regardless if you use a PC or a Mac. It doesn’t help that there are too many different makes and models of this type of device to count. Making a printer easy to install isn’t simple and when you have different operating systems to account […]

How to install a printer on Windows 10

Printers rarely become obsolete. You may not be able to refill the ink cartridges for a particular model at some point and that’s when you buy a new printer but older models will work even if you’re running a newer OS like Windows 10. Install a printer on Windows 10 Printers can connect over a […]