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How to Recover Deleted Items from Outlook

We’ve all experienced the stomach drop that happens when you accidentally delete something. That’s why we’re big fans of backing things up, whether you’re on a PC, a Mac, Android, or iPhone. You can back up your Outlook .pst file like any other file—and you should, even if that means moving it from its default […]

How to Recover Deleted Files from iCloud Drive

Losing files is gut-wrenching, especially if it’s an important work document or pictures of your kids. Online storage solutions usually offer a way to restore deleted files, and iCloud is no different. The process is convoluted, but we’ll hold your hand all the way. Companies like Dropbox offer some extensive solutions for restoring deleted files […]

How to Recover Deleted Windows 10 Sticky Notes

Windows 10’s Sticky Notes app is a powerful note-taking solution, but it doesn’t let you restore deleted notes—or does it? Although this feature isn’t part of the desktop app, there’s a way to get your deleted notes back. How to Recover Deleted Sticky Notes You’ve accidentally deleted a sticky note that had some important information […]

How To Recover Lost Data On Linux

Sometimes files and important data are accidentally deleted. There are many reasons this may happen; overlooking what’s in the trash can, pressing the wrong button, etc. It happens. In situations like this, it is important to know how to get these files back. Since Linux is used in part by people that manage a lot […]

Reliably recover files, photos, and drive partitions

Operating systems generally offer a way to encrypt data and give users tools to protect their systems from ransomware. These tools aren’t placebos; they work well. What operating systems do not provide are data recovery solutions. The most popular operating systems like Windows 10 and macOS both have automated back up solutions built-in by default […]

How to recover a hijacked Chrome browser

A few years ago, installing the wrong app on the desktop, or the wrong extension in a browser was enough for it to be hijacked. Getting rid of malicious apps that did everything from changing browser settings to injecting ads, and manipulating search results wasn’t easy. Chrome was just as much prey to these apps […]