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How to Safely Buy Photography Gear Online

Buying online is always a risk. Anyone anywhere can list something for sale, and there’s often no recourse should a problem arise. Even big marketplaces like Amazon—with tens of thousands of sellers—aren’t immune to counterfeits and scams. Photographers spend billions every year so they’re an obvious target; let’s look at how to safely buy camera […]

How to Safely Clean Your iPhone With Disinfecting Wipes

Apple now says it’s okay to use disinfecting wipes on iPhones. Previously, Apple recommended against using disinfecting wipes on its products while the CDC said it was a good idea to protect against COVID-19. Why Did Apple Recommend Against Disinfectants? Traditionally, device manufacturers like Apple recommended against harsh disinfectants because they can wear away the oleophobic […]

How to Safely Clean Your Nasty Game Controllers

Game controllers are magnets for dirt and grime. It doesn’t matter if you take really good care of your pads, they’ll eventually need a deep clean to remove skin, debris, and bacteria. Here’s how to do it without damaging your hardware. Before You Clean Before you start cleaning your controllers, it’s good to check the […]