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How do I join a PUBG test server

PUBG adds new features to the game all the time. New challenges are introduced periodically to keep the game from becoming stale. Before new features can be released though, they have to be tested and PUBG is too massive for in-house testing to be enough. That’s why it has test servers. Players can choose to […]

How to set up Webmin on Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server is an excellent Linux server operating system. It comes with Snaps, which makes setting up apps easier. In addition, it has live patching, so you never miss a security update and many more excellent features. Still, for as great as Ubuntu Server is, setting up certain things can be a pain. If you’d […]

How to install Ubuntu Server 21.04 via USB

Are you looking to install Ubuntu Server 21.04 on your home server via a USB flash drive but don’t know where to start? We can help! In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how you can install Ubuntu Server 21.04 via USB. Need to update Ubuntu server? Check out our guide. Downloading Ubuntu Server 21.04 […]

How to Start Your Own Game Server

While you could host a game server on your PC, sometimes it’s more convenient to have a cloud server running 24/7. Game server hosting can be surprisingly cheap, especially if you’re just looking to play with a few friends. Dedicated vs. Shared Hosting Dedicated hosting is when you rent out an entire rack of a […]

The Best Ways to Secure Your SSH Server

Secure your Linux system’s SSH connection to protect your system and data. System administrators and home users alike need to harden and secure internet-facing computers, but SSH can be complicated. Here are ten easy quick-wins to help protect your SSH server. SSH Security Basics SSH stands for Secure Shell. The name “SSH” is used interchangeably […]

How to Join a Discord Server

There are Discord servers for just about any purpose. Your friends can make a server for hanging out and chatting, or developers can create official channels for their games. All you need to join a server is a link. Option 1: Join a Discord Server in a Web Browser We recommend joining a Discord server […]

What Is a Headless Server?

A headless server is a computer without a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals. Headless computers are normally controlled over the network. For example, picture the computers sitting on racks in data centers while powering websites. Those are headless servers. What Does “Headless” Mean? A “headless” computer system is just one without a local interface. […]

How to Secure Your Linux Server with fail2ban

With fail2ban, your Linux computer automatically blocks IP addresses that have too many connection failures. It’s self-regulating security! We’ll show you how to use it. Security Security Security Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, once famously said, “You can never be too rich or too thin.” We’ve updated this for our modern, interconnected world: You can never be […]

How to Change the Server Region on Discord

Discord automatically selects a server region through which to route your voice communications. However, you might find selecting a different server region improves the quality of voice chats, especially if you’re chatting with people in other regions. To change your server region, you have to be a server administrator (or owner) on your own Discord […]

How To Set Up A Samba File Server On Ubuntu

When it comes to sharing files to multiple different operating systems, there is one piece of software that everyone turns to: Samba. It’s a file sharing protocol for networks that has been around for quite a long time. With this tool, it is more than possible to allow Windows users, Mac users, Linux users and […]

How To Install Emby Media Server On Linux

There are many different ways to manage media on Linux. Plex is one powerful solution that you can try. You’ll find it meets almost all your needs. Of course, Plex isn’t the only solution out there. You’re spoiled for choice and Emby is an excellent choice to make. It’s an open source media streaming software […]

How To Host An FTP Server On Linux

It’s hard to believe, but in 2017, FTP still remains one of the most reliable ways of transferring large files from one place to another on the internet. Many experts have turned to other solutions (like Syncing/Bittorrent and NFS), but for those looking to transfer data quickly, in an easy and reliable way, an FTP […]

How To Set Up A Resilio Sync Server On Linux

Want an easy, hassle-free way to sync between Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and other platforms? Check out Resilio Sync! It’s a syncing tool made by some of the people behind bittorrent. It uses the bittorrent protocol to transfer files over the network, and the the internet at large. Here’s how to set up a Resilio […]

How To Set Up A DLNA Server On Linux

Linux offers a ton of different ways to deliver media over the network. For those with fancy server hardware, there is Plex and Emby. It’s also possible to share media files over NFS shares or a Samba server. However, if you’re running older hardware but want to deliver media to several devices on your network […]

How To Set Up RocketChat Server On Linux

Looking to host your own team chat instead of relying on services like Slack and etc? Consider trying out RocketChat. It’s an open source, Slack-like collaborative chat software with a ton of similar features like video conferencing, multiple chat channels, DM support, voice calls and more. Installing RocketChat Via Snaps The RocketChat server software can […]

How To Install WordPress On Ubuntu server

WordPress is the worlds most famous blogging and CMS platforms for the web. It is easy to develop for, customize, and scale for production. It also runs on countless server operating systems (Linux, Windows, and even BSD), has dozens of users and powers a good chunk of the entire internet.  Installing WordPress manually on a server […]

How To Install Ghost On Ubuntu Server

Want to set up a blog on your Linux web server but what something a little simpler and lighter than WordPress? Consider installing Ghost instead. It’s a super fast, fully open source blogging platform that focuses on simplicity and ease of use. Please understand that though we’re focusing on Ubuntu sever in this tutorial, you […]

How To Install Drupal On Ubuntu Server

A great way to build a website is to use a content management system. One of the best CMS tools to use, especially on Linux servers is Drupal. It’s an advanced site tool with dozens of features that lets users quickly build a website easily, on their own terms. Here’s how to install Drupal on […]

How To Host A Mumble Server On Linux

Many gamer-friendly voice chat solutions are popping up on Linux. However, a lot of these solutions are hosted in the cloud, are proprietary, and fully control the user’s data. Proprietary tools may be convenient, but if you care about privacy and owning your data, there’s a better way to voice-chat with your friends; a Mumble […]

How To Host A TeamSpeak Server On Linux

Are you a Linux gamer who needs voice chat, but you’re not interested in using cloud solutions like Discord? If you’ve got a home server, consider using a “roll-your-own” solution instead like  hosting a TeamSpeak server. Create New User The first step in setting up your TeamSpeak server on Linux is to create a user specifically […]

How To Set Up Quassel Core On Ubuntu server

One of the best graphical IRC clients on Linux is Quassel. The main reason everyone seems to think it’s a great program is the Quassel “core” feature. With “core” users can install a persistent application on a remote server that will keep connections with all of their IRC rooms. From there, the user can connect to […]

How To Host A Minecraft Server On Linux

Want to host a Minecraft server on Linux? If so, you need to be running the Java edition, as Microsoft only allows Linux Minecraft servers to run that way. To run a Minecraft server on Linux, you’ll need the Java Runtime environment.platform with the Java edition. Installing Java might be annoying. However, it’s straightforward to install […]

How To Host A Linux Xonotic Game Server

Free games are what makes Linux awesome. One of the best free and open source games on the Linux platform is Xonotic. It’s a fast-paced shooter inspired by the “twitch” FPS genre of games (Quake, Unreal, etc). Playing it as a whole lot of fun, especially when you’ve got some friends with you. If you’d like […]

How To Install The Caddy Web Server On Linux

These days, HTTPS is key when hosting a website. Without it, your users could be leaking very personal data from your website into the world. To solve this, many Linux webmasters have taken to using the LetsEncrypt tools, as they make it very easy to generate a certificate. Still, for as easy as LetsEncrpyt is, enabling […]

How To Create A Dropbox Backup Server On Linux

A headless Dropbox backup server starts out by installing a command-line version of Dropbox. In this instance, we’ll make use of the Dropbox Uploader. It’s a script that makes automatically uploading content to Dropbox over the command-line very easy. Install Git To get this script, you’ll need to have the Git package installed on your […]

3 Ways To Secure An SSH Server On Linux

SSH is awesome, as it allows us to gain terminal access to other Linux PCs and servers over the network, or even the internet! Still, for as amazing as this technology is, there are some glaring security issues that make using it unsafe. If you’re an average user, there’s no real need to install complicated SSH […]

How To Install AbanteCart On Ubuntu Server

Have a Linux-powered website and looking to set up a shopping platform for it? If so, do yourself a favor and check out AbanteCart. It’s an open source, free eCommerce platform that users can manage and customize on their own eCommerce platform. Before you can install AbanteCart on Ubuntu server, ensure you have LAMP on it. […]

How To Join A Minecraft Server On Windows 10

You can play Minecraft all by yourself. The game has a self-contained objective that you can pursue if you aren’t a fan of multi-player games however, it does have an online-multiplayer ‘version’. Users can set up Minecaft servers, build online worlds, and play with hundreds of people. Minecraft servers are exceptionally popular though the servers […]

How To Set Up A uTorrent Server On Linux

If you love uTorrent, but don’t feel like dealing with Wine just to get it working on Linux, there’s another way to enjoy the software. As it turns out, uTorrent does have support for Linux, in the form of “uTorrent server” which means you can set up a uTorrent server on Linux and avoid using […]

7 Best Email Server Monitoring Tools 2020

As a network administrator, one of your duties is to ensure that servers under your responsibility are running smoothly and that the service they provide is always available. This is particularly true with email servers as we all know how email is possibly one of the most — if not THE most — important service […]