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How to set up Webmin on Ubuntu Server

Ubuntu Server is an excellent Linux server operating system. It comes with Snaps, which makes setting up apps easier. In addition, it has live patching, so you never miss a security update and many more excellent features. Still, for as great as Ubuntu Server is, setting up certain things can be a pain. If you’d […]

How to set up Viber on Linux

Viber is a cross-platform instant messaging application. It is available for all users to use to send texts, images, videos, and audio and visual calls. Viber is a lot like Telegram, and it has native support for Linux. In this guide, we’ll show you how to download and install the Viber application on Linux. We’ll […]

How to set up Enpass on Linux

Enpass is a secure password vault for Linux, Mac, Windows, as well as mobile. It is intended to keep your passwords safe and remember them so that you don’t have to. In this guide, we’ll go over how to set up Enpass on Linux. Installing Enpass on Linux Enpass is an excellent program, but unfortunately, […]

How to set up Regolith Linux 1.6

Regolith Linux 1.6 is here and packed with new and exciting features. If you’re looking to try out a new Linux distribution, this guide is for you. Follow along as we show you how to set up Regolith Linux 1.6! Note: if you do not want to set up Regolith Linux from scratch, you’ll be […]

Zoom recurring meeting: How to set it up

Meetings are held for all sorts of reasons; some are one-time meetings while others (NIT, Stand-ups, sprint review meetings etc) occur repeatedly, often at the same time but on different dates. For these recurring meetings, users can create and send out an invite individually or they can create recurring meetings which allows a single invite […]

How to set up a Zoom meeting in Outlook

Online meeting tools compete for users but most of them incorporate Outlook and Google Calendar invites since these two apps are two of the most commonly used calendar tools. Google Calendar doesn’t have a desktop app which is why the usual ICS file will do the job for a meeting invite. Outlook is different. Need […]

How to set up RStudio IDE on Linux

Rstudio IDE is a tool that allows users to be more productive with R as well as Python. It includes loads of useful features, from syntax-highlighting, direct code execution, and more. Here’s how to install Rstudio IDE on Linux. Ubuntu installation instructions To install Rstudio IDE on Ubuntu Linux, you will need to do it […]

How to set up a persistent Ubuntu USB

If you find yourself using an Ubuntu live disk a lot for portable computing, you might notice that the files you save to it don’t save and aren’t persistent. That’s because, by default, the Ubuntu live disk doesn’t have persistent storage. In this guide, we’ll show you how to create an Ubuntu live USB with […]

How to set up aliases on Ubuntu

Are you tired of writing in long commands in your Ubuntu terminal? Want to find a better way? If so, you may want to set up terminal aliases in the Ubuntu terminal. In this guide, we’ll show you how. What is an alias? An alias is a command-line shortcut. Think of how many times on […]

How to set up and use the Microsoft Teams Zoom app

Microsoft does not gatekeep its services and technology. It allows other apps, device manufacturers, and services to integrate with its products and often, it will integrate with them in return. With the rise in home-based work in 2020, Zoom and Microsoft Teams became two of the most commonly used platforms for online meetings. Both have […]

How to Set Up and Use Siri on an iPhone

Siri has a bad reputation among many, but it’s perfectly usable for most tasks, and if you’re knee-deep in the Apple ecosystem it doesn’t matter how much better a competing digital assistant is because everything ties into Siri. That means that you’re going to need to use it, and that’s pretty easy to do when you […]

How to Set the Rounding Precision in Excel

Setting the rounding precision forces Excel to always round numeric values to a specified number of digits following the decimal, saving you from having to use the ROUND function on each formula. Here’s how it works. Note that setting Excel’s rounding precision can save time, but be certain you want to round all values before […]

How to Set Up Groups with Google Assistant

Google Assistant voice commands for your smarthome work best if your devices are in groups (Google calls these groups “rooms”). Skipping this step during setup makes using your devices harder. Here’s how to create rooms and add devices to them. Rooms Make Voice Commands Easier With your smarthome devices associated with rooms, Google will let […]

How to Set Up iCloud On Your Mac

The iCloud ecosystem is complicated, and it’s hard to know how much of your data is safe in the “cloud” and synced across your devices. We’ll walk through the process of setting up and explain what each feature does. How to Sign Into iCloud When you first set up your Mac, you should have been […]

How to Set Up Your Own Website the Easy Way

It’s never been easier to set up your own website—and you’ve never had more options. Here’s what you need to know to get that website up and running. Decide What You Need a Website For Before starting, you need to consider the type of website you want. There are plenty of great options for getting […]

How to Set Up and Use iMessage on a Mac

iMessage is a built-in messaging app for everyone in Apple’s ecosystem. From your Mac, you can message all your iPhone-using friends, and—if you have an iPhone as well—send and receive regular SMS messages with Android users. How to Set Up Messages on Your Mac You don’t need to use iCloud (or even have an iPhone) […]

How to Set Up a Smart Bedroom

You may spend most of the time in your bedroom sleeping, but it can still benefit from smarthome technology. A smarter bedroom can help you get to sleep and wake up in the morning. Why a Smart Bedroom? Bedrooms are a unique room in your living space, you spend a great deal of time in […]

How to Set Up a Smart Kitchen

Your kitchen is full of appliances, but they’re dumb. Technology, like smart speakers, lights, ovens, and faucets, can make cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping easier. Creating a smart kitchen isn’t hard, and everyone in the home can benefit. Here’s how. Why a Smart Kitchen? Your kitchen is a room of productivity and mess. You cook […]

How to Properly Set Up PlayStation VR

The PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset plugs into PS4 and creates a bona fide virtual reality experience. But like all VR headsets, it needs lots of cables. We’ll show you how to plug everything in and set up your room to get the most out of your PSVR. The PlayStation VR lets gamers take on new […]

How to Set Up Remote Desktop on Ubuntu

Need to get your hands on a distant Ubuntu Linux computer? Set up Ubuntu’s Screen Sharing and take remote control when you need to. You can connect to Screen Sharing with any VNC client. We’ll show you how. Ubuntu’s Built-In “Screen Sharing” Is a VNC Server When you make an SSH connection to a remote […]

How to Set Up a Smarthome Without the Cloud

The easiest smarthome tech uses the cloud to do the heavy lifting. But that means you give up your privacy. And if the company shuts down, so does your smarthome. Here’s how to bypass the cloud in your smarthome setup. Why a Locally-Controlled Smarthome? Cloud-powered smarthomes are feature-rich and include some niceties, but they do […]