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How to use the Google Meet share screen feature

Google Meet can be used for free, or with a paid subscription. Users with a paid subscription tend to get a better product offering which includes native recording for meeting, breakout rooms, and longer meetings. One feature that is universally available to all Google Meet users is screen sharing.  Google Meet screen share Google Meet […]

share audio from the computer during a meeting

Microsoft Teams has a screen sharing feature and a presentation mode for meetings. Both make it simple to share content from your local system with other users. The feature isn’t limited to sharing a screen or file but also extends to audio. If you’re in a Microsoft Teams meeting, you can share audio from the […]

Share Files, Folders & Screenshots In A Click

File-sharing! There are literally dozens of start-ups and big technology companies working on making the ultimate file-sharing solution. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud, Box, Amazon Drive – just to name a few of the popular ones. What makes Jumpshare any different? Previously, we discussed their web-based solution for uploading, sharing, and viewing files. Uploading and […]

How to Share your Outlook Calendar

Sharing your Outlook calendar is easy, but how you do, it matters if you don’t want the people you share it with struggling to access it. Let’s take a look at how to share an Outlook calendar, whether the recipient is in the same organization as you or not. Whether you share your Outlook calendar […]

How to Share Things from OneDrive

If you’ve got an Office 365 account (free or paid), then you’ve got OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage app. Cloud storage is great for sharing files with other people, so let’s see how it works in OneDrive. You can share OneDrive files from either the OneDrive folder on your computer (the “client interface”), or the Office […]

How to Share Your Wi-Fi Password Between iPhones

iOS has a built-in feature that lets you quickly share Wi-Fi passwords between devices by bringing them near each other. It uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and each user’s Apple ID to securely share the password between devices. Sharing your Wi-Fi password can be a frustrating endeavor. If you have you have a complicated Wi-Fi password with […]

How to Share Your PowerPoint Presentation

Aside from the traditional method of sending a PowerPoint presentation to others as an email attachment, you can also upload and share your presentation from the cloud. All you need to get started is a OneDrive account. Here’s how. Sharing Your PowerPoint Presentation You can save a PowerPoint presentation to the cloud fairly easily. In […]

Create & Share Collections Of Interesting Content

When Tumblr arrived on the scene a few years ago, the Twitter-esque microblogging and Pintrest styled photo sharing social media platform revolutionized the way we share content through the internet. Since then many similar services have popped up but seldom do we come across one that’s really worth giving a shot. I’m not sure if […]

How to Share Your Mac’s Screen with Another Mac

Because Macs have built-in screen-sharing, you can share your screen with another Mac over your local network via the integrated VNC server, or over the internet via iMessage. Third-party apps, like TeamViewer, work on both macOS and Windows, too. Which Option Is Right for You? There are three options you can choose from to successfully […]

How to Share Your Screen in a Zoom Meeting

As the majority of the global workforce now works remotely, the need for video conferencing has risen—and so has the popularity of Zoom. In a Zoom call, you may eventually need to share your screen with participants. Here’s how. Share Your Screen During a Call As the host of the Zoom call, you can share […]

How to Share Your Screen in Google Meet

If you’re using Google Meet for a team meeting or presentation, you might need to share your screen or browser window. We’ll show you how to share both! In some apps, like Skype, it’s pretty clear how to use this feature. In Google Meet, though, it’s hidden behind a button with a confusing name. Instead […]

How to Game Share on the Nintendo Switch

One of the Nintendo Switch’s little-known features is the ability to install a single copy of a digital game on multiple devices. Here’s how it works. What Is Game Sharing? Game sharing is a process that allows you to use a single digital copy of a game across multiple consoles, similar to how you’d share […]