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How to Change Your Smart TV Region in [year]

When you buy a smart TV,  it’s preloaded with apps according to your region. Therefore, the content you can access through these apps also depends on your location. Changing your smart TV’s region will give you access to additional apps, and extra content from streaming services such as Netflix. A VPN can overcome geographical restrictions […]

5 Creative Uses for Smart Plugs

One of the best values in all of the smarthome technology available is the handy smart plug. They’re cheap, but they can do a lot. Here are a handful of creative uses if you find yourself pondering the implications. First off, if you just bought a smart plug and aren’t quite sure how to set […]

Can Smart Thermostats Ruin Your Furnace?

It may sound preposterous, but some people are afraid smart thermostats are bad for heating and air conditioning systems. Here’s the good news: You don’t have much to worry about, but there are some important things to keep in mind. A relatively recent post on Reddit recounted an HVAC technician’s warning about smart thermostats: “He said […]

How Do Smart Homes Work?

Smarthomes are like any other home, just with extra control options for lights, plugs, thermostats, and more. But those additional controls introduce complexity, and understanding how they work will help you build a better smarthome. We’ve covered in the past what a smarthome is, and even offered advice for hubs, voice assistants like Alexa and […]