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How to Save Money on iCloud Storage

The situation with iCloud storage would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous, and we’ve already made our feelings clear on whether Apple should offer more storage for free. But if you really must pay, why not save some money? Even though Apple’s pricing of iCloud storage has improved, that doesn’t excuse the fact that […]

How to Increase Your MacBook’s Storage

Solid-state drives are fast but expensive. And high-capacity SSDs are very expensive, which is why many of us opt for the bare minimum when we purchase a MacBook. But here’s how you can add more storage. Upgrade Your SSD The most radical option to expand your MacBook’s storage is to upgrade its SSD. Unfortunately, you […]

How to Add Third-Party Cloud Storage in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams features native integration with an increasing number of third-party services, including cloud-based file storage like Box, Dropbox Citrix ShareFile, and Google Drive. Connect your existing storage to Teams to start sharing and collaborating with just a few clicks. By default, Teams gives you access to cloud storage through Microsoft’s OneDrive service. To import […]

5 Best Storage Resource Monitoring Tools and Software

Storage is a precious resource to any business. In this era of big data, enterprises need and rely on storage more than ever. Consequently, storage environment administration has become an important aspect of many system administrators jobs. Whether monitoring is done to ensure flawless operation or to avoid running into capacity issues, good tools are […]

SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor – Review 2020

We’re living in an era of big data. Consequently, organizations rely on data storage more than ever. Storage environment management and monitoring have, therefore, become an important part of many system administrators jobs. Fortunately, tools exist to make this an easy task. One such tool is the SolarWinds Storage Resource Manager and we’re about to […]