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How to open Folder options on Windows 11

File Explorer in Windows 11 looks different than it did in Windows 10. Beyond the rounded corners and new icons, the ribbon has also changed. It’s much more comprehensive and you will find that many buttons are simply gone.  The ribbon in File Explorer was useful. It wasn’t cluttered with useless options and the new […]

How to open the Apps list on Windows 11

Microsoft is not done experimenting with the Start Menu. The Start Menu in Windows 8 was nothing short of a disaster and became one of the worst criticisms of the OS. Microsoft eventually had to ‘fix’ it but Windows 11 has a new Start Menu which is different from the Start Menu in Windows 10, […]

How to open Task Manager on Windows 11

Initials reviews for Windows 11 have started to arrive. If nothing else, the UI changes are some of the most obvious ones that most people know about. Noteworthy of these changes is the change to the taskbar which now features ‘centered’ icons for the Start menu, File Explorer, and Edge. Task Manager on Windows 11 […]

How to download Windows 11 beta

Windows 11 has officially been announced, the minimum system requirements have been listed, and there are preview builds available for those looking to try the OS out. Download Windows 11 beta Windows 11 is available for anyone who wants to try the OS out before it is officially released to the public. If you have […]

How to download Windows 8.1 ISO file

Windows 8 was not popular or well-received. Few people upgraded to it and its life was cut short despite Microsoft eventually fixing the Start menu. While Windows 8 was still the newest Windows version, plenty of laptops and desktops were released that run the OS. Windows 8/8.1 users were given the option to upgrade to […]

How to fix Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on Windows 10

WiFi problems make it impossible to work. If you’re working offline i.e., in a word processor or spreadsheet, you [month] still need an active and reliable internet connection to sync a backup of your work to a cloud drive. For almost everything else, you need the internet.  Fix WiFi keeps disconnecting on Windows 10 Laptops […]

Fix Common OneNote Problems in Windows 10

OneNote is Microsoft’s cloud note-taking app. It can work and store notes locally but since it’s a Microsoft product, it comes with the added advantage of OneDrive and Microsoft 365 integration that connect when you sign into OneNote with your Microsoft account. OneNote is simple for the most part and does not compare to Evernote […]