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What are AMD CPUs on Windows 11?

Processors have, for the longest time, been manufactured by Intel. If you were to buy a laptop or a desktop a few short years ago, regardless if it were a Mac or a Windows system, chances are it would have an Intel made processor. That has changed. Apple now manufactures its own processors and users […]

How to open TSV files on Windows 10

We’re all familiar with CSV files i.e., Comma Separated Values. It’s a type of file format which imports and opens easily in most common spreadsheet apps. The values that appear to be separated by commas are separated into columns and rows. TSV files are similar but far less commonly supports. TSV files on Windows TSV […]

How to disable or block automatic Windows Update

Windows 10 automatically downloads updates and it installs them automatically too. This ‘feature’ isn’t popular with users. The installation normally restarts the system when users don’t expect it to. This results in interrupted workflows or lost work. Disable or block automatic updates on Windows 10 Windows 10 users who are tired of the updates installing […]

How to boot Windows 11 in safe mode

Windows 11 is new, and as time goes on, it will run into the usual problems that plague a Windows’ system. Problems with drivers, overclocking software, networking tools, and the myriad of other tools and apps that Windows’ users install will eventually lead to some sort of system instability. One of the many ways to […]

How to uninstall Windows 11

You tried Windows 11. You did not like Windows 11 and you’d like to go back to Windows 10. As far as a license is concerned, if you had a genuine Windows 10 license when upgraded to Windows 11, you can always go back. To downgrade the OS, it depends on how long you’ve been […]

How to fix Youtube lagging on Windows 11

YouTube videos are generally available in different streaming qualities. Videos can be played in resolution as low as 240 resolution. Normally, you won’t play in a video in that low a resolution unless your internet connection is exceptionally slow. YouTube auto-selects a lower resolution so that videos play smoothly even if the internet is slow. […]

How to get the Windows 11 ISO

There are two ways to install Windows 11; you can install it via Windows Update, or you can create installation media. Neither method is difficult. With Windows Update, you have to wait for Windows 11 to be rolled out to your system. If your system doesn’t have a whitelisted CPU, Windows Update won’t allow you […]

Where is the taskbar in Windows 11

Windows 11 doesn’t have an overwhelming number of new features and there are only a few that users may want to update for. This is despite the fact that Windows 11 is a free upgrade for Windows 10 users. One major, and very obvious difference between Windows 11 and Windows 10 is the design.  Windows […]

How to run CHKDSK on Windows 10/11

Hard disks can run into problems. Physical damage to a hard disk is often irreparable but a disk can have software problems and they can be fixed. You may have to use a myriad of tools to fix them, depending on the problem but before you can fix a problem, you will need to diagnose […]

How to close open windows on iPhone 11

Mobile operating systems were developed after desktop computers became mainstream. By then, most users had learned certain concepts e.g., opening and closing apps that are common on a desktop OS. These same actions don’t necessarily translate the same way on a mobile OS. Close open windows on iPhone 11 On mobile operating systems, apps run […]

How to view Clipboard history on Windows 11

Windows 11 comes with a clipboard manager. It can keep a long history of the items you’ve copied to your clipboard (text, image, files). The history can be synced between all your Windows devices (Windows 10 and Windows 11).  Clipboard history on Windows 11 By default, you can copy one item to the clipboard. This […]

How to open Control Panel on Windows 11

We’ve long speculated on the end of the Control Panel. Microsoft has moved a few settings out of the Control Panel and to the Settings app on Windows 10 but the migration isn’t complete. The Control Panel is alive and kicking on Windows 11. Control Panel on Windows 11 As of now, the Control Panel […]

How to uninstall Feedback Hub on Windows 10

Windows 10 has long had an app for reporting bugs and feature improvements. This app is called the Feedback hub and it is actively monitored by Microsoft. Often, suggestions made by users are incorporated in the OS. Additionally, users have the option to ‘vote’ on a suggested feature and give it better visibility. A feature […]

5 best game booster software for Windows 10

Games are some of the most resource hungry apps that you will run on your system. In order to run a game, your system must meet its minimum requirements. In fact, it’s always best to check the minimum requirements of a game before you buy it. The game requirements are basically hardware specifications your system […]

How to open .key files on Windows 10

Apple is no stranger to productivity and it has its own suite of apps collectively called iWork. iWork includes a document processor, a spreadsheet tool, a presentation tool, and its famous movie editing tool iMovie, among other apps. Like many of its products, Apple’s iWork tools have their own proprietary format. The .KEY file format […]

How to join a Domain on Windows 10

Windows 10 users can be configured on a domain; the domain is a network that users can join or configured on. The network makes it easier to manage multiple systems, deploy software, manage updates, and more. Windows 10 Pro is the Windows edition you should use if you’re going to use the OS as a […]

Where is the appdata folder on Windows 11

The appdata folder has been a part of Windows for years. It is an essential folder for all users and each user that is configured on a Windows system has their own appdata folder. Within this folder, you will find three other folders; Local, LocalLow, and Roaming. Apps that you install on Windows create their […]

How to install Windows 11?

News of Windows 11 dropped earlier this year and its stable version has now arrived for users. The upgrade is free. If you wait, you will eventually be able to download the OS via Windows Update. If you can’t wait, you can force the upgrade right now. Install Windows 11 Microsoft is distributing Windows 11 […]

How to mount ISO images on Windows 10

Optical discs are slowly going extinct. You will find low end laptops and custom desktop builds can be fitted with an optical disc reader but the technology has grown far less common. USBs and external drives are now the popular method for transferring data when online transfer isn’t practical or possible. Software distribution has also […]

How to use a PS3 controller on Windows 10

Game controllers may seem like ordinary peripherals that you can attach to a console and a PC alike but they’re not as simple as a keyboard and mouse. A keyboard and mouse will work with most computers, regardless of make and model. The same does not hold true for game controllers. PS3 Controller on Windows […]

How to take a screenshot on Windows 11

A screenshot is a quick way to visually share what’s on your screen. In many cases, a screenshot can also serve as proof of submission or a quick way to save information on the screen that you otherwise cannot copy. It’s an essential function regardless if you use a desktop or a mobile device. Screenshot […]