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How to use virtual desktops on Windows 11

Windows 10 was the first Windows version to have virtual desktops. It was possibly the last major desktop OS to get virtual desktops. Thankfully, the feature still exists in Windows 11 and it appears to have been improved considerably.  Virtual Desktops Windows 11 Virtual Desktops in Windows 11 work slightly better than they did in […]

How to add/remove widgets on Windows 11

Widgets are a component that seem to come and go on both desktop and mobile operating systems. iOS has widgets, Android has widgets, macOS has widgets, and now, Windows 11 has widgets. Widgets on Windows 11 When an OS adds widgets, it has to make them easy to access but still keep them out of […]

5 best painting apps for Windows 10

Windows 10 devices aren’t normally the kind of device you’d pick up if you want to draw something. Many users connect a digital drawing tablet or drawing pad with their Windows system when they want to draw. Drawing tablets, drawing pads, or devices like the Surface Studio or Surface Tablets all require apps in order […]

How to fix touchpad click not working on Windows 10

Laptops all come with touchpads. These input devices have improved over the years. Touchpads from a decade ago were functional in that you could use them as well as a mouse. Touchpads today are precision touchpads that are capable of recognizing gestures; swipes, two finger swipes, three finger swipes, two finger taps, three finger taps, […]

How to show hidden files in Windows 11

File Explorer has changed in Windows 11. The ribbon is gone and replaced with a much more concise set of buttons for managing files. There is a registry hack that can enable the Windows 1o File Explorer ribbon in Windows 11 but it may stop working by the time Windows 11 is rolled out to […]

How to automate mouse clicks on Windows 10

Automation allows users to skip redundant tasks and have them run without human intervention. It’s a great way to increase how much work gets done in a certain period of time. There are all sorts of ways to automate work on Windows 10. Scripts and scheduled tasks are one of the more common methods that […]

How to fix bad sectors in Windows 10

Hard drives are slowly being replaced by SSDs but the transition will take a few years before SSDs become mainstream and HDDs disappear completely. One of the reasons users prefer an SSD over an HDD, beside the price point, is because SSDs have a short lifespan compared to HDDs. Bad sectors in hard drives A […]

How to use Snap layouts on Windows 11

Snapping app windows has been an exceptionally popular feature in Windows. It was added in Windows XP and has remained a part of each new iteration of the OS. macOS users often install apps to replicate the feature. Snap layouts on Windows 11 Window snapping has remained unchanged for the most part. It works more […]

How to open Folder options on Windows 11

File Explorer in Windows 11 looks different than it did in Windows 10. Beyond the rounded corners and new icons, the ribbon has also changed. It’s much more comprehensive and you will find that many buttons are simply gone.  The ribbon in File Explorer was useful. It wasn’t cluttered with useless options and the new […]