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8 Common PayPal Scams in [year] and How to Avoid Them

We live in a technology-dominant era, and we’ve lived to see both tremendous advancements in several tech branches and an increase in interest in these advancements. It’s hard to believe that merely a few years back we didn’t have the option to video chat, send huge files at lightning-fast speeds, perform complex security checks to […]

35 Best Windows Software Of Year 2014

We’ve successfully finished another trip around the sun. It’s been a pretty exciting year for technology whether you think of hardware or software. 2014 gave us our first look at Windows 10 and heralded the return of the start menu that we all sorely missed in Windows 8. And like every other year, we at wdzwdz […]

58 Top Tips & Tutorials Of The Year 2014

This past Monday we gave you a list of the best Windows apps reviewed in 2014. To start the weekend off, and maybe give you something you might want to try over the weekend, here are the best tips and tutorials covered in 2014. Ranging from simple little tricks for your smartphone, to far more complicated […]

32 Best Web Apps Of The Year 2014

Whether you use a Windows PC or a Mac, or the less popular Linux, there is one thing that knows no borders, or platform restrictions and that’s the wonder world wide web. Specifically, we mean web apps that let us do so much, often for free, without ever needing to install so much as a […]

39 Best Chrome Extensions Of The Year 2014

Extensions have long been stretching the functionality our browsers have to offer us. Branching past productivity, extensions add convenience and even customization as well as lending us a new way to interact with our favorite services. Chrome users have a very large web store to download apps and extensions from, provided you have the patience […]

12 Best Firefox Add-Ons Of The Year 2014

Last Monday, we recapped the best Chrome apps and extensions we reviewed in 2014 and we’re ending the week with the 12 best Firefox add-ons we found last year. The list is short but the add-ons themselves add some great functionality to a very powerful browser. 1. Bookmark Sorter (An Automation Tool For Sorting Bookmarks) 2. Keyconfig […]

35 Best iOS Apps Of The Year 2014

With the first month of 2015 coming to a close, we’re finishing our ‘best of 2014’ lists with the best saved for last. Here is our round-up of the very best iOS apps reviewed last year. We normally only review apps that are free but will occasionally make an exception for a particularly amazing paid […]